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Standard SMW ROM Hack

Super Mario World Hacks → Standard SMW ROM Hack

Submission Details

Name: Standard SMW ROM Hack
Author: Denicentek
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 4 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Enjoy my ROM Hack (World 2 (Morton's Caverns) is Coming soon)
Comments: 5 (jump to comments)
4.5 (2 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (5)

Denicentek Author Link
Ok, Next Won't Be World 2 But Full Hack and i Want To Have Some ASM But IDK ASM So I Guess It Will Be Just Some ExGFX And Custom Music
Koop the Koopa Link
This hack makes me relax! :)
Denicentek Author Link
i know about the Second and the Third one, the Second one is fixed
 Segment1Zone2 Link
Nice Short Hack! I really enjoyed the castle, and overall it was fun.
But there are still flaws, i want to address a few:
1. In the first level, the platforms you are supposed to land on after getting shot from a slanted pipe are too short, i took me a few attempts to make it, but was annoying.
2. After getting the secret exit in the second level, the Yoshi's house exploded, i know this is a small issue but it would be nice to fix it.
3. When beating a level, the event tiles were in very strange positions (Talking about the castle)
I dont want to discourage you from making rom hacks in the future.
I just had some issues i wanted to address.
I support everyone on this site making hacks, but if you have any problems with events and level exits you should take a look at DanOfMostTrades on youtube, or take a look at the help section on this site.
Most Love, S1Z2
 1UPdudes Link
Pretty Short & Standard Hack like the name of it gives away. #smrpg{mlem}
Nothing really to say other than its a fine little adventure with an updated version coming soon including World 2.

If its your type of SMW hack then you'll enjoy it.
I will say though some variation of sprites or background changes could make the levels stand out more from whats available in the original game but either way its a good romp.