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    Pinci Link
    Next time change the note hex value in !patterns so it matches the note it should play, also, only use tags that are in the submission guidelines
    ninj Link
    very good.
    Dominicentek Author Link
    ok I'll fix it now
    ZooWeeMinecraft Link
    Originally posted by Koop the Koopa
    High pitched but great!

    There's a way to fix the high pitch thing. Change "o4" to "o3" and "e1" to "f1". More specifically, the code should look like this:
    	"chord.brr"		$FF $E0 $B8 $08 $00
    #0 ?0 @30 w255 v255 o3
    #amk 2

    Hope this helps! #smw{;)}
    TickTockClock Link
    Totally using this. Thanks #smrpg{y}
    Koop the Koopa Link
    High pitched but great!