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SMW Sprites → Sushi

Submission Details

Name: Sushi
Author: A-l-e-x-99
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: Recreation of the shark in level 1-A of New Super Mario Bros. DS (despite this, the included ExGFX file is the Super Mario Land 2 shark). It swims slowly until it sees Mario, at which point it speeds up. Does not actually require sprite buoyancy or water, and can work in the air.

By default, it takes five fireballs to kill, similar to a Chuck. It also can't be jumped on, but any other attack kills it instantly.

The included ExGFX file goes over the Dolphin's frames in GFX06.
Tags: lorom new super mario bros sa-1 shark underwater
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Comments (5)

olgdeldnem Link
I like how he is playing as a koopa in the picure
 JamesD28 Link
Tested with:

• Lunar Magic 3.11
• SA-1 Pack v1.32
• PIXI v1.2.15
• Snes9x v1.60

Works as intended, so, accepted. During moderation I added complete SA-1 compatibility (since a lot of the code was already made to be SA-1 compatible, despite claiming to not support SA-1).
Klug Link
Maybe use this one for Sushi?
Blizzard Buffalo Link

I've made animated sprites for the SML2 Shark in SMW Style.

Maybe this can work.
autisticsceptile1993 Link
This would've worked well for some of the levels of World 5 in my hack. But I still can use them for the 7th world in my latest project