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Details for SMW The Crown Tale
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File Name: SMW The Crown Tale
Version History: View
Authors: bandicoot
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 112 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: SMW The Crown Tale is romhack of SMW based on the Bowsette memes around the internet, the hack is basically a traditional Mario adventure with a story involving Bowsette and the Super Crown.
While it have a story is not really a huge-super impressive one, but it can still be funny with the dialogues included.

While Mario was taking a vacation on a far away island Toadette suddenly appears before him with sudden news that her Super Crown was stolen by Bowser and that he used it to impersonate the Princess and fool everyone on the mushroom kingdom.
Later they discover that Kamek used its magic on the crown to allow anyone to use the crown since it had a magic seal to prevent anyone beside its guardian Toadette from using it.
But because of the magic a evil spirit awakened on the crown and took over Bowser's and Peach mind making them go crazy.
Help Mario to return to the mushroom kingdom and save the day once again.

This hack includes:
-92 new levels
-112 exits
-48 moons to find(Optional)
-460 dragon coins to find between 92 levels(obligatory if you want to enter in the special world)
- Good level design
- Custom music
- Custom Sprites
- Custom graphics
- Custom blocks
- Hdma
- DDA System
- New Moves: Walljump, Long Jump and High Jump
- 2 diferent endings
Tags: chocolate, choconilla, classic, custom graphics, mature, normal, traditional, vanilla
Rating: 5.0 (Votes: 2)
Download: Download - 3.47 MiB
This is a really amazing trick, when I started playing it I thought that collecting the 5 yoshi coins would be tedious and boring but it wasn't, it gave a fun challenge to the levels and the final level left me speechless it was really amazing, in conclusion a trick amazing
Notes: 11/10
Posted by: Jeosberry - | Link
Awesome hack!
Posted by: edwinmusic - | Link
Ending 1 - Finish the game normally
Ending 2 - Collect 5 dragon coins in at least 50 levels and beat the special world that opens up after you get ending 1
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link
how do i get both endings? :c
Posted by: gravityaries7174 - | Link
Tem um softlock no primeiro boom boom
Posted by: ideka13 - | Link
This is a really good hack. It's inspiring to see you go from making these 100+ level basic vanilla hacks to a really solid asm hack with a high degree of polish.
Posted by: MyPocketPlant - | Link
Really solid and nice relaxing hack. Definitely feels like a nice break from those brutally hard hacks I have been playing recently. The moon rooms were a nice extra challenge. I also like how all 5 dragon coins are either before or after the checkpoint so you don't lose any yoshi coin progress.

Would recommend this to people that wants to play a relaxing hack.
Posted by: Metballs - | Link
I'm on the first castle and I accidentally caused the boss to clip into a wall. It ended up going upwards off the screen and now I'm softlocked. At least now I have an excuse to practice the high jump trick, which feels jankier than the wall jump or long jump.

Also, some minor spelling errors so far, but nothing incomprehensible.
Posted by: Ilucuthen - | Link
Genuinely love this hack, really glad I played this.
The stream loved it too, especially in the end where I started to rapidly get my ass owned by the difficulty spike, but thoroughly enjoyed it.
The genuine screams of pride by completing a difficult stage was worth the pain & misery some of the later stages gave me,
Congrats Bandic00t!
Posted by: DeanKind - | Link
I love your Classic Mario World Hacks. I can't wait to play this one!
Posted by: TheMarioEnthusiast1 - | Link
Really fun hack. Good level design and great variety of custom music from different games.

Noticeable but fun difficulty spike towards the end of the game. Dragon coins are easy and not tedious to get if you decide to go for the special world.

Posted by: thekiller678 - | Link
Atualização - Versão BR

v1.23 05/08/2020
-Consertado um pequeno bug na area de moeda roxa no mundo 5
-Consertada camera na ultima seção da fase 2-2

v1.22 28-07-2020
-Consertado softlock na fase 1-3
-Consertado parede atravessavel na fase 1-4
-Consertado angulos de camera com o P-baloon em algumas fases

v1.21 07-16-2020
-Algumas mudanças de melhoria no mapa do mundo 7
-Consertada a corrida na fase 10-9

v1.2 07-11-2020
- A fase Vila dos Yoshis foi refeita e expandida, incluindo novas coisas pra fazer e alguma melhorias
- A entrada da fase 1-4 foi refeita pra ensinar melhor sobre o salto longo e o ultra pulo, agora o jogador não podera avançar sem aprender estas tecnicas essenciais
- Adicionado um tutorial na fase Vila dos Yoshis para que o jogador possa praticar os movimentos novos e aprender algumas mecanicas introduzidas na hack
- A dificuldade da campanha princial foi rebalanceada em varios pontos, deixando uma curva de dificuldade melhor e menos frustrante de ser concluida sem save-states.
- Os cogumelos-assassinos da fase 9-1 foram nerfados, eles se movem mais devagar e podem ser derrotados atirando 5 bolas de fogo neles.
- Foram adicionadas 12 luas novas, 8 delas apresentam o desafio de coletar moedas roxas, baseadas nos desafios da Serie Super Mario Galaxy
- O sistema de dificuldade dinamica foi balanceado em algumas das fases mais dificeis, em algumas raras ocasiões é possivel adquirir uma estrela quando estiver em sua ultima vida.
- O Salto Longo e o ultra pulo agora serão usados mais durante o jogo, sendo mandatórios em algumas seções.
- Tambem será feito melhor uso do P-Baloon duranto o jogo, com mais seções para praticar o uso dele.
- Balanceada a dificuldade de alguns chefes
- Balanceada a dificuldade dos chefes finais(Não vou citar nomes, pois Spoilers!!)
- Os finais secretos ao concluir o mundo especial foram melhorados, agora eles são diferentes e mais distintos um do outro.
- Consertado o grafico de varios sprites ao serem derrotados pela estrela.
- Versões melhoradas das musicas de Mario Maker, feitas pelo Ladiesman217
- Aumentada a velocidade que o Mario anda no mapa, para poder viajar mais rapido pelo mapa.
- Algumas melhorias de qualidade durante o jogo.
- Não é mais necessario coletar as dragon coins em TODAS as fases para entrar no mundo especial, apenas em 50 fases a sua escolha.
- Não é mais necessario encontrar TODAS as saidas secretas para entrar no mundo especial, ele fica disponivel após concluir a história principal caso voce tenha dragon coins suficientes.
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link

This new update adds lots of things into the hack, check the changelog file for more info:
Update - English Version:

v1.22 07-28-2020
-Fixed softlock on level 1-3
-Fixed passable wall on level 1-4
-Fixed camera on some P-baloon sections

v1.21 07-16-2020
-Rearranged the Toad house and Pipe shortcut on world 7
-Fixed the Goomba the quick race on level 10-9

v1.2 07-11-2020
- New and redesigned Yoshi's Village, it has been expanded and improved over the previous version.
- Redesigned entrance for level 1-4, which teaches better about the longjump and U-Jump by making the player practice them right away.
- Added a tutorial so the player can learn about the new mechanics added for the hack
- Rebalanced dificulty on several sections of the hack, the dificulty has been adjusted in the main game to fit more for the "normal-hard" category
without being too frustrating when playing without save-states.
- The evil doppelshrooms on level 9-1 had been nerfed a bit, their speed has been reduced and they can be defeated by throwing 5 fireballs at them.
- Added 12 new moons to find, 8 of them being the new Purple coins challenge based on the prank comets from the Mario Galaxy series.
The hack have 48 of them now.
- The DDA system had a bit of an update in some of the hardest levels, adding a star can rarely be found when the player is on its last life, however it is very rare.
- Flashed out a bit more the Longjump and U-Jump moves during the main game, several levels now have more places where you can explore using them and the Longjump is mandatory to clear some sections.
- Flashed out a bit more the P-Baloon, since the 7th level on the special world used it but the player didnt had any oportunity to prepare for it before that,
you can now find several mini-challenges with them during the game.
- Rebalanced the dificulty of some bosses.
- Rebalanced the dificulty on the final bosses(Wont say cause Spoilers)
- Improved the secret endings on the special world, making them feel more unique and diferent from each other.
- Fixed the graphics of lots of sprites when being killed with the star.
- Improved versions of the Super Mario Maker 2 songs made by Ladiesman217
- Increased Mario's speed on the overworld map, for better fast traveling around ;)
- You no longer need to collect the dragon coins in ALL of the levels to beat the hack with 112 exits, collecting them in at least 50 levels will unlock it.
- You no longer need to find every single secret exit to unlock the special world, you can go straight to it after beating the main game if you collect enough dragon coins.
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link

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