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Marblelous Grassland

SMW Graphics → Marblelous Grassland

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ScatmanJones49 Link
That’s funny I’m making a lava level and I could not find a foreground anywhere that I liked then I stumbled on this and knew it was what I wanted.... counterfeit you sure know your aesthetics.

These are very nice Carl keep the great work
 Counterfeit Link
Ah yes, I remember Marvel Zone from Flash the Hedgehog. I can definitely see the influence in the palette, long slim grass style, bricks and columns. I do like that some inset "bulky shuriken"-shaped fill dirt is added to give the ground more variety in its rather deeply-defined pattern. The slopes do an exceptional job of both keeping the consistency of the dirt pattern and that of the grass. There should be enough tiles here to construct above-ground and underground areas for a level. Its ruin-esque tiles can pair well with and offer a cool contrast to lava areas.