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Details for Casio Mario World
Super Mario World Hacks - Casio Mario World Show random
File Name: Casio Mario World
Authors: Wyatt
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: An extremely hard hack.

Features an elaborate all-new soundtrack consisting entirely of non-video-game music.
Tags: asm, bosses, music
Rating: 4.8 (Votes: 14)
Download: Download - 690.60 KiB
Oh boy, this is probably the most brutal hack I have ever played. After finally managing to beat all these brutal levels without tools, I can safely say that it was both really fun and really frustrating. The design in each level was really fascinating and enjoyable. Though, there were a few sections in this hack that I felt not getting consistent at even after dying to that same section 300 times. Guess I just need to get good at smw lol.

Overall, I would say it was a positive experience to play through this so thank you for making this hack. (also, final boss too easy. Should have been a mini boss lel)

Posted by: Metballs - | Link
Having completed this on 1.0 (with the boss on 1.1 to prevent cheese) I can finally say that this hack is equal parts frustrating, fascinating, and fun. Despite some moments where I wanted to die inside, I appreciate this hack existing and recommend this hack to anyone who wants to take on a lofty challenge but only if you know exactly what you're getting yourself into.

Overall, I find this hack very interesting and I'm glad it exists. It's not for most people, but I think the people who this is for will find it a good challenge and hopefully a solid time.
Posted by: Kezcade - | Link
I can't wait to see what Wyatt makes next.
Posted by: Second - | Link
This is a fascinating hack. It manages to achieve its high level of difficulty in a wholly unique fashion with distincitve level design that remained fun and kept me engaged throughout the duration of my playthrough. Furthermore, the inventive challenges one encounters while traversing this hack are nicely complemented by its free-spirited atmosphere. This hack was certainly an unusual experience, but it was one that I very thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks for making something so interesting and refreshing.
Posted by: bolop700 - | Link
So, what can I say? I don´t think another hack like this will ever be made. Casio is as good as it is hard. What is interesting about this game is not the level of difficulty, but why it is so difficult. I never felt forced to do a certain thing, which is incredible considering that there is basically no jank. Ty for making this, Wyatt!
PS: Even I loved the boss fight
Posted by: orka-bln - | Link
The custom bosses is one of my favorite things in smw hacking, and the boss in this one...HOLY GOD WOW SUPER GREAT BOSS I EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIER LIFE. *cough**cough* really great.
Posted by: AnisSaouliBH - | Link
Posted by: Aggro - | Link
This hack is not for everyone. It is extremely hard and unfair. Strats are difficult to parse and learn unless you sink in a ton of time. I would recommend most people play this game with savestates before trying to complete the game just so they can learn what to do. The boss fight is very rough and seems impossible in the beginning but it became enjoyable for me once I was able to survive with any consistency. I enjoyed the style of the hack and it was a lovely break from the flood of less inspired hacks I've seen lately. The music wasn't my style but I didn't hate it. I feel like this hack could've benefited from better/more playtesting. I look forward to v1.1 because with a few good tweaks I think this hack would be much more enjoyable.
Posted by:  Linkdeadx2 - | Link
FYI everyone, version 1.1 is coming, hopefully this week or next. It'll fix a couple cheeses, and add indication for the most cryptic obstacles. The overall difficulty should end up being about the same.
Posted by: Wyatt - | Link
Just for the record it's ok to rate a submission low, especially after such a detailed review. The option is there for a reason lol

This looks far beyond what I personally consider bearable to play, but
the Momodora boss is technically impressive at the very least (from watching Linkdead stream)
Posted by:  Koopster - | Link
OK. Heres my final review:

I hated every second of it.

I mean, it's not like its a bad game. I can see the effort put into it. It, to me, doesnt feel right.

Yes, some of my difficulty playing it came from my own stupidity (like on the blue switch palace i kept trying to align with the gap to the left using the santa's platform insted of the rotating one)
but i have to say the game does its part on making it awful. Balancing on awful hitboxes; fighting gaps that must have just a couple of frames of window to win; some terrible flying block mechanics.... yes, also jank (eg: the red switch level if you jump too fast the blocks doesnt turn.. you will also fight some deceiving hitboxes with transition frames of the blocks).. Some questionable choices too (no checkpoints for the final level?! cmon)

Creativity is there, but it is sabotaged by the level design and repetition. Several instances of copy/paste setups that just dont add anything to the gimmick (edge of hitbox chuck bounces.. that hit-jump from the penguins.. just ride the bubble through several boo rings).

Just to mention the final boss.. while i dont think its as hard as something like kaizo 3 bowser, its not a great fight.. some of the movements are either too fast to react or the hitbox is too big for the player to stand a chance.. my best was about 18-19 hits without the exploit, and i believe its beatable with time and some luck. I only question how much effort worth to put into it?! (maybe in few years this will be a classic, like kaizo 3 bowser, and will totally worth.. not today tho)

Ok.. i know what i wrote doesnt tell much, and sounds just like every other hack.. but what really pisses me off is all of this feel like deliberate/conscious creation decisions.

Again. It all doesnt make the game bad.. maybe that was the goal?! i cant tell.

* Would probably rate it about 2/5, but im not rating because mods will probably call me out for rating abuse..
Posted by: NaroGugul - | Link
The cheese is based on the fact that you can still hit the boss during the phase transition animation. This is normally not noticable because you get no visual feedback that you hit her. But the lack of visual feedback also means: No iframes! Thus, you can deduct a lot of health just by jumping on her head during the transition cutscene. So far, just minor cheese. But it gets worse: The game actually registers a hit for every frame you touch her, so by jumping low into her hitbox, you can score multiple hits (up to 7) in one jump. This allows you to get 9 hits (don't get 10 or she will just skip a phase) before the next phase starts and lets you skip every phase past the first one. Video
Posted by:  xHF01x - | Link
Originally posted by Wyatt

it's much more effective to just never let her start an attack while you're cornered.

sounds nice and easy

edit: ive learned theres some cheese/exploit/phase skip.. how that works?
Posted by: NaroGugul - | Link
Originally posted by NaroGugul
So how? just git gud?

Pretty much just git gud. You can jump over her if you pass her just barely after she goes into the air, but consider that a backup strat - it's much more effective to just never let her start an attack while you're cornered.
Posted by: Wyatt - | Link
so for the last few days i have been trying to fight the boss.
Ive already did it with saves/rewinds a few times, so i kinda know what to expect
(im very unconfident about beating it in the next 30 years, but im spending some time just for the challenge)

for those who beat it legit:

is there anything i can do whenever she does this attack?

any trick? any strat?
i cant find a way around it... i cant jump above.. i cant run below.. i cant hide..
my only strat is press the rewind button.. which isnt really a valid strat
So how? just git gud?
Posted by: NaroGugul - | Link
Originally posted by Heraga
I also know for a fact Wyatt beat this himself multiple times 100% as well.

I've actually only beaten this hack once. Some sections I beat more than once, and of course I tested every obstacle individually, but I only did a full RTA clear one time.

Also here's the music list since people keep asking for it:
(Title) The Breathing Effect - Rising Inside
(Welcome To Dinosaur Land) Oneohtrix Point Never - Cryo
(Overworld) Oneohtrix Point Never - Manifold
(Stage Clear) Chon - Wut The... (Poop)
Passion Pit - The Reeling
Oneohtrix Point Never - Sleep Dealer
Hiatus Kaiyote - By Fire
Oneohtrix Point Never - Child Soldier
The Field - Everyday
Oneohtrix Point Never - Power Of Persuasion
The Field - Over The Ice
Oneohtrix Point Never - Love In The Time Of Lexapro
Oneohtrix Point Never - Freaky Eyes
Posted by: Wyatt - | Link
My entry was pure jank itself. (Thanks to cursed shell... sigh)
so I don't know if same can applies to this... :p
Posted by: crm0622 - | Link
Hi crm0622

You know, ive spent around 10 hours playing crm kldc level just to clear 1 exit (i havent cleared the secret).. if that doesnt tell im very resistant to jank, nothing will :)
Posted by: NaroGugul - | Link
I like your "Joy of Kaizo" overall tho, Naro... :(
Anyway I think this was tested with RTA after all.
(Although assuming this may got took really large amount of tries... :p)

Also, Hi NaroGugul! :D
Posted by: crm0622 - | Link
I mean, words are cheap.
And throwing numbers around doesnt make anything more legit.

But im not fighting over this issue.. I myself released a hack before beating it (Joy of Kaizo 1.5 - Advanced/hard mode), which i eventually beat and updated where i thought was needed (its still a garbage hack).

I am just a little skeptical.. even considering myself somewhat skilled (or at least experienced) and with a shitload of patience too (sometimes), and very 'resilient' to jank (just look at my own janky hacks :) )from what ive seen it has way too many "flaws" to be 'accepted' after extensive playtesting (you can have a pretty good idea after over 70 hours of gameplay as you say)...

Again, granted i didnt tried too hard.
But if you really wanna prove me wrong, you dont need to figure out how to stream.. a hand cam video (with input display preferably) would suffice #tb{:D}
Posted by: NaroGugul - | Link
Originally posted by NaroGugul
Meanwhile, ill fire some shots and call bs that the creator or playtester beat it legit

As the playtester for this hack, I'll happily go and try and stream myself replaying this again for proof if you would like. (If I can figure out how to stream, anyways...). I also know for a fact Wyatt beat this himself multiple times 100% as well.

Do note that the last 2 levels (as Arobam mentioned in his post) took me close to 40 hours combined to beat. I'm not the greatest kaizo player out there, but I have a lot of patience. This hack is soul-crushingly difficult at times, and isn't for everyone. Truthfully, if I wasn't testing I would not have spent close to 80 hours playing this hack for RTA playing, because a lot of it was just past the threshold of my own playing ability. However, I know a certain niche will like this hack a lot, and I think that alone is worth playing this hack, to see if you will like it. I still stand by my review in my earlier post.

Posted by:  Heraga - | Link
the last 2 levels aren't RTA viable without spending your whole life time on them. This game actually gets harder towards the end I was really surprised.
Posted by: Arobam - | Link
Originally posted by Noob
from what I read in the comments, who managed to pass, used savestates to win the hack and this is not acceptable as Kaizo Light, and Yes Kaizo Hard !!!

nah.. i havent finished the hack, but from what ive seen its far from kaizo hard.
Some setups are just "not ok" tho. I could have been doing it totally wrong tho. And granted i didnt spent 10s of hours trying

Meanwhile, ill fire some shots and call bs that the creator or playtester beat it legit #wario{>:|}.. not that it really matters, but i would really love to be proved wrong :O
Posted by: NaroGugul - | Link
Ok, I'm enjoying the challenge ... but, it's stupidly difficult ... I'm a Noob / Intermediate player in Kaizo, but maybe this trick is too much for me ... from what I read in the comments, who managed to pass, used savestates to win the hack and this is not acceptable as Kaizo Light, and Yes Kaizo Hard !!!
The challenge is unique, very close to the Kaizo Mario World series sessions ... but, with some chocolate mechanics ... I give 5/5 for Creativity, 5/5 for the songs and unfortunately 3/5 for the justice that the hack does not offer how far I stopped !!!!
Posted by: Noob - | Link
I'm not a very good kaizo player, but I managed to finish all the levels from the hack by save states and rewinds! It's possible to complete it! It reminded me of Kaizo Mario World 3 at some parts, but it had mostly creative and original design which makes the hack feel different to other kaizo hacks. Difficulty imo would be something between Kaizo: Light and Kaizo: Hard, because the levels before the
Blue Switch
were something relatively easy (kaizo light) but later levels were very challenging and difficult, specially the last two levels
(underwater and final castle)
where you have to time well your movements and jumps. Anyway, all the hack was great due to the design and the music! Also, I like the fact that
you can pause and exit the level and even save the checkpoints
the final boss was a great battle

Doing a speedrun of this must be a big challenge (I wouldn't do it but I know there are some people who will take that)
5/5 Great work on this!
Posted by: N450 - | Link
Ok.. i havent played smw for a couple of months, but ive seen this hack and the comments and i decided to give it a try just for curiosity sake.. im in pretty bad shape, so take my word with a grain of salt..

I dont like throwing the same stone people threw at me when i released my 1st hack, but i have to say i would love to see the creator playing (and beating) this hack.. not necessarely because of its difficulty.. but some setups are quite janky
I stopped at the Blue switch level (i took the right path)

Creative, but borderline unplayable

skeptical hippo is skeptical
Posted by: NaroGugul - | Link
I used savestates to finish this hack. Each level has a great gimmick and uses it in creative ways, without feeling the need to conform to any pattern of level design. This is *very* challenging though, and some parts are too difficult for my taste (or maybe I just need to do some learning...)

The music really is something else. Bless you for introducing me to some amazing non-vgm artists, and porting these extremely challenging songs. I wish I could name a favorite song but they're all so good. The ones made out of TV commercial samples stood out to me.
Posted by: ft029 - | Link
Just watching Ldad playing through it and yep thats exactly what you had to do. I love this hack it's so creative and hard in a good way.
Posted by: Skystarmania - | Link
This is one of the hardest hacks I've ever played (and beat). It is also, however, wonderfully unique and creative at all intervals.

Every single level provides a new, unique, and creative twist on Kaizo norms, some of which feel like the types of setups you would see in a new T. Takemoto hack.

It's also worth mentioning that the OST is wonderful as well, and (as a result of being original) provides a completely unqiue atmosphere that only this hack alone shares.

It is entirely possible many who play this hack will never beat it (my final playtime clocked in around 70-80 hours for everything). However, those that stick with it will be heavily rewarded.

Wyatt did a great job with this, and even surprised me at some parts with custom ASM I was not expecting. Overall, fantastic.

Posted by:  Heraga - | Link
I managed to get to the checkpoint of the first phase, and I can say that this project is very daring ... it requires extensive experience with the Kaizo difficulty ... certainly in future phases, it could be one of the most difficult hacks after Darkstar, Gaijin, Kaizo Mario 3 Search For Salmon and PipeDreams
Posted by: Noob - | Link
is the entire soundtrack made with samples from a Casio as well lmao
Posted by: Ultima - | Link
This hack is incredibly cool, and also incredibly hard. Weary travellers beware, the "very hard" in the description may be an understatement. But the design is wonderfully creative and unique. I'm not sure if I have the skills to beat the whole hack, but the first level is really neat so far. I practiced the first half for like an hour, and I think it's one of the easier levels.

The soundtrack is incredible, very strange and unique, but also really well made. It fits the hack very well, which is a sort of dream-like, almost surreal thing in its aesthetics and music (and not in a cheesy "abstract world" way, but a very genuine and interesting way). I strongly recommend playing this with headphones in so you can fully immerse in the strangeness.

I'll try to edit this and give a proper review if I'm able to beat the whole thing legit, which is unfortunately doubtful (perhaps I can watch someone who's more skillful than me beat it). Overall, preliminary thoughts are that this is a very interesting and creative work with an incredibly cool soundtrack.

@ skystarmania, you have to
guide a bullet bill to the end of the 2nd half
(wall jumps are patched out).
Posted by: GbreezeSunset - | Link
Im stuck at the end of level 1 no idea what to do I hope you are not actually forced to do a walljump but others than that really interesting level design i enjoy it so far
Posted by: Skystarmania - | Link
the tutorial level was good I guess
Posted by: kellykelster - | Link

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