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Super Enan World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Enan World

Submission Details

Name: Super Enan World
Authors: Enan63, Green Jerry
Version History: View
Demo: Yes
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 35 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: This is the third demo of Super Enan World, with 5 worlds and 35 exits. It ends after you beat Roy in Ice Hills.

In this mostly vanilla hack, Bowser kidnapped Green Jerry instead of Peach, and Enan (based on Enan63) goes on a quest to defeat Bowser and rescue his friend.

The hack starts with normal difficulty, and goes harder as you reach the later worlds.

Now available with vanilla music and custom music! And also fixed an error with a midpoint entrance which resulted in patcdr rejecting the hack.
Tags: asm music traditional vanilla
Comments: 12 (jump to comments)
4.0 (2 ratings)
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Comments (12)

 Hooded Edge Link
This romhack is really good. I like a lot of the level design here, and it keeps that classic vanilla aesthetic perfectly. My only complaints would be that some of the levels can drag on, and some others are a bit repetitive (most noticeable in the 3rd world). Otherwise, I can't wait for what's up next for this adventure.
 BeeKaay Link
Some of the levels dragged on for too long and got kinda repetitive, but overall I had fun. The overworld, custom music, and light asm use were cool.

A few notes:

- It is possible to swim under all water levels and sections with tides.
- This means you don't need to engage with the wet/dry gimmick in Sea Caverns Secret and can just swim under all of it.
- It also allows the player to get these capes, which I think is before the player is otherwise given any capes. The bounce sprite graphics for the green switch blocks are also wrong in this level (and maybe others).
- I think the intended solution here requires a fire flower, but you can also do it if you're decent at cape.
Green Jerry Author Link
And another update, this time BeeKaaaay replaced the .zip as he had claimed the hack, before he approved it, he messaged me on Discord to patch the Feather Autoscroll Freeze Fix patch.
Green Jerry Author Link
Yet another update, hopefully the final one. You could get the exit in Coming Soon! by flying over the level, now I added a ceiling to prevent this, and also I added SFX echo to the underground levels.
Gabriel BR From older version: Super Enan World Link
this is a vanilla hack, but is so cool and well done, just waiting for the final version :)
Green Jerry Author Link
An update of one of the ports I used was submitted half an hour ago, and I just updated the custom music version with the new version.
 KPhoenix From older version: Super Enan World Link
In the early days of SMW hacking, I would consider this a well designed hack that stands out among the rest. However, it's 2019 and we have a plethora of tools and assets we are able to use to create a unique experience to the rest of the Super Mario Worlds with different levels. Since the only major change is the overworld and level design, my rating will strictly be on those things alone, so the standard I hold the level design to will be far above another hack that uses non-vanilla assets. As for the general feel of the hack, it feels OK. Everything is put together well and there are no glitches or problems with the hack as far as I could tell. I can tell a lot of effort was put into this. I wasn't feeling very impressed by world 1, but world 2 was much more clever in the way you used vanilla assets.


What's going on with his foot? It's white.

Things I liked:

Clever level design

I like the general theme. Good use of layer 3.

Good theme.

Things I didn't like:

The idea was cool, but the fact Mario slides across this platform is weird. I feel as if it should be a sprite that moves as the same rate as the scrolling layer 2 that doesn't cause Mario to slide.

The throw blocks are redundant; Mario can use the key to throw at the coin block.

Everything about this

Then I proceeded to die in another level and get warped back to my last save. It didn't feel worth it to me to go back and play these levels again.

The boo generator was a cool idea, but I can tell that it was thrown into the level after the level had been designed. The natural empty path that forms didn't follow the design of the level, making it insanely hard. The way Nintendo originally used it was in a short underwater section with no enemies (iirc). This level was very long and had the boo generator for almost the entire thing. I'm not sure how long it went because I could not complete the level.

Enan63 Author From older version: Super Enan World Link
Originally posted by Rioxo

Thank you!
Rioxo From older version: Super Enan World Link
FailSandwich From older version: Super Enan World Link
I love hacks with actual SMWC characters as the protagonist. I might make one of myself someday.
Enan63 Author From older version: Super Enan World Link
Originally posted by Infinity
Nice work!

Thanks Infinity
Zavok From older version: Super Enan World Link
Nice work!