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A Rushed Project

Super Mario World Hacks → A Rushed Project

Submission Details

Name: A Rushed Project
Author: Galactic Spear
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: "A Rushed Project" is a mini SMW hack with 7 exits in total, but with a small twist, each of those levels I grabbed a different gimmick, graphics and others, and then challenged myself to make a full complete level under 1 hour (except for the last level that took 1 hour and 20 minutes), and the hack was been started and finished during Summer 2020 C3, and I also tried to poilish the best I could during this small time period:

This hack features:
- All 7 levels features a new gimmick and theme
- The level design of each level was done under 1 hour (except for the last one)
- This hack had 4 full days of development in total
- Sonic the Hedgehog as the main character, for some reason
Tags: asm exgfx gimmick music non-mario sonic variety
Comments: 6 (jump to comments)
4.6 (5 ratings)
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Comments (6)

jvg Link
Nice hack! Final boss wasn't "quite a spectacle" for me, perhaps its because I was playing on a SNES and not an emulator?
viniciuskombat Link
amei a hack, graficos, tudo, obrigatoriamente 5/5
Roy_Maluco Link
Muito divertida essa hacker
Excelente trabalho
Knucklesfan Link
You actually figured out how to make hammer chucks not obnoxious! Seriously, it's hard to work with hammer chucks lol.
DukeTheDog Link
I had fun with this hack. Wish i had more of it.
 1UPdudes Link
For a rushed project I really enjoyed playing & moderating this one.
Each level has their own contained gimmick which does not over stay its welcome.

It keeps the pace steady and fast to not bore the player and keep them on their toes with new twists getting added to levels that mix well with what has already been presented to the player.
The final boss is also quite the spectacle so I'll let you experience that for yourself.

Great Work Matheus2653.
I'll be looking forward to seeing what else you make down the line. #smrpg{y}