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    Touhou Gensoukyou ~ Lotus Land Story - Dream Land

    SMW Music → Touhou Gensoukyou ~ Lotus Land Story - Dream Land

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     Counterfeit Author Link
    This underwent a few revisions during moderation, so after the time of posting, this is the final version. I want to give a public, sincere thank you to bebn legg for taking strong interest in this port and giving me much feedback to make it even better than I started with. It is now more balanced and accurate.
    Klug Link
    Counterfeit is back on porting business again! Nice use of steel drums, tho!
    Zavok Link
    I like the track and it's even better #smrpg{y}
     Counterfeit Author Link
    ZUN describes this song as "lonely" - now that I think of it, it kinda is lonely, so why not consider it "sad" too? This song leads up to the confrontation with the final boss of Lotus Land Story: the stage is deep black with blue stars in the far distance, as foes come out of the woodwork to blast you with fiery missiles.