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Jigoku Mario World 2

Super Mario World Hacks → Jigoku Mario World 2

Submission Details

Name: Jigoku Mario World 2
Author: Nowieso
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: Attention, Victims of Kaizo! A new challenge awaits you!

Instead of making my first chocolate hack, I decided to put my last ideas for vanilla game design into this hack. It has some chocolate in it, though.

This hack is VERY hard and I would only recommend it to advanced players. The levels are very input heavy.

What you should expect:
-instant retry
-17 exits with an insanely steep difficulty curve
-levels that will push your skills (and your hands) to the limits
-every level is different! From tight, fast-paced platforming levels to insane item abuse levels, you should expect everything.
-indicators to avoid blind jumps
-many custom palettes and lots of aesthetics to make every level look unique

Not included in this hack:
-Kaizo Blocks
-Chuck Gates
-Swimming inputs
-cape levels

YOU are a victim of Kaizo. And this hack is dedicated to you.


-improved flow so that every setup can be one-cycled
-difficulty balancing
-world 1 has a new boss
-final boss bugfixes and overall buffs
-improved music for level 8
-better palettes
-removed some cheese
-improved vertical camera scrolling in the vertical levels
-better indicators for level 9 and 10
-better yoshi-damage-boost in level 15
-fixed a typo in the credits
Tags: bosses music traditional vanilla
Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
5.0 (1 rating)
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Comments (10)

980039490Gaming Link
Nice Rom Hack Bro
Panther-T Link
Great hack! Really freaking hard though.
orka-bln From older version: Jigoku Mario World 2 Link
Fantastic romhack
currykarl From older version: Jigoku Mario World 2 Link
Very hard, will come back later to finish it.
Pancake001 From older version: Jigoku Mario World 2 Link
Nice Game.
Chosentw0 From older version: Jigoku Mario World 2 Link
This was such a great Hack!
I'm kinda sad that I allready finished it. I wished there were 20 Stages more.
I can't deside, which stage I liked the most. All Levels had so much action in it, you almost never had the time to relax and all Levels were super creative. (If I really have to pick my favourite Level I might go with Circles of Heat or Etude in Heaven)

The only thing I would do different is - just as NaroGugul said - rearranging some Levels. The later stages were a bit easy sometimes compared to the previous stages.
Besides that, this was a super fun hack - I can't wait for the next one :)
5 Stars from me!
NaroGugul From older version: Jigoku Mario World 2 Link
So another thing i forgot to mention..
Im not sure what was used for the final boss, if its the noob boss sprite thing or whatever.
Apparently it probably uses $13 for a timer (jumps and stuff).. it makes it really annoying and 'unpredictable', since its essentially 'rng'.. (Darkstar has a similar problem with some boss phases where it can spawn at a very bad y position which makes it almost impossible to beat sometimes.. and since this boss is very similar to those, i guess the same source was used)
so if you are going to update it, try replacing every instance of $13 in the code with $14 or replace it with some internal timer.
the way it is make it really..................janky.

also, in the yoshi room in the final castle, i think the coin indicator for the fire spit is one tile lower.. not sure if its intended
NaroGugul From older version: Jigoku Mario World 2 Link
Before playing it, I was quite concerned about the difficulty of this hack as ive heard it was supposed to be really hard, similar to Darkstar.

I still havent finished it, but i have to say this isnt the case (so far), and unless it really ramps the difficulty up at the end, i will say it is not even close to that difficulty.

I know this is a matter of personal perception, but dont let the talk get you afraid of playing it.

I would say this is much more similar to hacks like Kogarashi, both on design and difficulty.

Edit: ive just finished it. i was kidna surprized some of the easiest levels are on the last world
Soda of Doom, Midnight Marathon, Jigoku Star 2
So yeah, overall its a fun hack. Difficulty is very manageble. I think only 1 level felt like a difficulty spike to me
Etude in Heaven
, and even though most levels have some tricky tricks here and there
like every trick involving yoshi, lol
, i dont think the overall difficulty of the hack is too high.
Final level felt like it would never end.. 2019 infinite castles meta.. why?!
HLXY From older version: Jigoku Mario World 2 Link
RetroDario From older version: Jigoku Mario World 2 Link