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Super Mario World Hacks → Ultraviolet

Submission Details

Name: Ultraviolet
Author: MDBattleFrog
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: DISCLAIMER:
This hack demands a willingness to learn. Doing setups the wrong way or using unintended movement WILL kill you. It is, however, extremely indicated and flows well once you know the levels. If you would rather a kaizo that is more straight forward with it's design and setups, you most likely will not enjoy this hack. I've included a link to a playlist of RTA deathless level clears I recorded myself to help if you get stuck...I'd rather have people know a trick's solution than go mining. The playlist excludes boss fights as those are easier to tell what to do.


Originally a a sequel to Darkstar, this hack quickly became it's own thing. The levels are short, moderately difficult and share an overall aesthetic/musical theme.


-Three worlds in which the levels may be played in any order

W1 NORMAL: Standard kaizo made with custom sprites
W2 MEDIUM: Chocolate sprite mechanics and carry-able item abuse
W3 HARD: Aggressive fast paced platforming

-Bosses after every level
-EVERY ROOM is 30 seconds or less.
-Heavy use of custom sprites
-Freshly ported music for almost everything
-Custom and vanilla GFX combined for a classic Mario feel
-Autosave any time an overworld is entered or Mario moves on the overworld, including midways
-Lots of "secrets"


-3 more playtesters. The other 3 and myself all know the hack, so to make sure the changes made were fine, more playtesters were added to the mix.
-The biggest overall change has been object placement to help force movement as well as much, much more indication. Nothing major, but the guiding hand is a lot more prevalent now
-Springspine Summit has had 2 heavily critiqued tricks changed, and the salt mining wall triangles are now fixed, they will no longer stop working randomly
-Spawn issues in Blackpowder fixed by changing a trick
-The last full level, Flatlined, has been overall nerfed somewhat heavily. Jumps were loosened, arrows were added, and the issue with turn block bridges on lines eating your jump has been fixed.
-Minor tweaks to a few bosses to remove cycle time and make them about as fast as the level's rooms.
-Cheese and breaks removed overall from the hack (minus a like...1 in 200 chance setup in Fat Stacks to spawn a second saw)
-Lag removed from several spots

Inspired in OW and boss per level structure by Elephants and Bui Bui, respectively.

Special thanks to KevinM, Westslasher, Katun24 and Dogemaster


Tags: asm bosses exgfx music
Comments: 14 (jump to comments)
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Comments (14)

zer0mavrick Link
I really loved the hack. I did it right after finishing Darkstar. I don't regret it!
OffByWon Link
Great hack! I'm surprised more hacks haven't used the Mega Man style of each level being themed and ending with a boss. This hack is an example of how to do it perfectly. This deserves to be so much more popular and I'm surprised it hasn't been played by all the main Mario streamers. It is super creative, and although it is very challenging and tight, it is fair once you work out what you're supposed to do. Magical once everything flows together perfectly.

Now my OCD made me persevere until I figured this out, but most people may not realize there is a secret final boss behind a certain red door! Finding all the secrets in this hack was just as much fun as the main game. Great job!
SethOsDotEXE Link
Very well designed hack.
Every level was a good challenge, while being incredibly creative and fun.

Awesome work MDBattleFrog.
GrenudoGames Link
really amazing hack! took me about 19 hours to beat it but was very enjoyable
MDBattleFrog Author Link
Ken’s Theme Street Fighter 2 done in MMX style.
kistov Link
does anyone know the soundtrack from "saw flock"?
blackhart Link
This was an incredible hack! You did such a great job. Super creative. I loved it. #smw{:TUP:}
Sammmoo Link
Intense setups. This one is an amazing hack. Great work MD.
le4che Link
Amazing update, makes the game far better.
 Linkdeadx2 Link
Great hack, all modern kaizo should strive to be as creative and as fleshed out as this game is.
NaroGugul Link
It boggles my mind how setups can flow so well and rarely, if ever, break; how it be so fast paced, yet so creative; be so counter intuitive, yet so coherent in the design.
This is pretty good!
Cartesius Link
Thank you for bringing it back
Nowieso Link
This is an amazing hack, one of my favorites.
The way you let the player choose which level to play is very nice. The bossfights are creative and unique.
Nint Link
A very hard but very enjoyable hack, also really fun/interesting to watch. I like the graphics, the music, the style and setups of every level. Very cool modern feeling. Good job as always