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    Metroid Prime - Phendrana Drifts Depths

    SMW Music → Metroid Prime - Phendrana Drifts Depths

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    Comments (10)

    LucasMegaStriker Link
    Fantastic job porting this track!
    Skye Link
    Very nice!
    Cote de Boeuf Link
    You know how the word "ridiculous" is thrown around as sort of a generic superlative? This port is ridiculously good in a stricter sense. It's genuinely kind of funny to hit the play button on an SNES port of a track from a GameCube game with a rather sophisticated soundfont and hear something that's basically indistinguishable from the original, as if what I'm listening to is actually an MP3 file instead of an SPC file that can probably be used in SMW. It still makes me chuckle a bit, even though I've done it several times. Congratulations, your port is so good it literally makes me laugh.
    Murphmario Link
    Sounds really nice and faithful! Good job here!
     MarioFanGamer Link
    Man, the synth at the beginning really sound like in Metroid Prime! Even most of the other instruments are faithfully recreated (such as the ice sound). Only the chorus sounds off to me, tbh. Not sure if this is part of the original song or your choice of samples.
    Ultima Link
    ngl, I still need to get more acquainted to Metroid Prime (and Metroid as a whole, but especially the Prime series)'s OST tbh; always heard good things about it's music, but I never really gave a honest try at listening to it, mainly since my tastes in ambient music (which Prime excels at AFAIK) isn't really as refined as of yet, so to say, but I feel like Prime's music might be the one thing that'll make me more into it in general, so... who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    good job btw! I really enjoyed your port of Prime 2's version of Lower Brinstar from Super Metroid and have used the original version (Prime 2's btw, not Super Metroid's) as music to sleep a few times thanks to your port, and this one is just as solid haha
    Skewer Link
    This is one of my favorite songs from the original Metroid Prime, right next to Tallon Overworld 2, the upbeat song; Amazing job recreating this on the SPC700 engine. I guess you can really do anything.
    EDIT3333 Link
    Brutapode89 Link
    How is it possible?!#smrpg{gasp} Fantastic job!#smrpg{y}
    Lumy Link
    Holy. You went and released it, lmao. This is fantastic! I'm surprised that these samples only amounted to 26 kB in the end, they're really good! Also very nice usage of noise + echo!