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Hurt Yoshi

SMW Blocks → Hurt Yoshi

Submission Details

Name: Hurt Yoshi
Author: Koopster
Act As: 130
Includes GFX: No
Description: A hurt block that makes Yoshi run away when touched instead of just hurting Mario like the vanilla munchers do. You can configure it to let Yoshi step on it or not. As a bonus, it turning into a coin when a silver P-switch is pressed can be toggled, and there is an option to make it not hurt Mario at all, just make Yoshi run away if being ridden.
Tags: hurt lorom muncher sa-1 yoshi
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Comments (2)

JamesD28 Link
Tested with:

• Lunar Magic 3.11
• SA-1 Pack v1.32
• GPS V1.4.1
• Snes9x v1.60
• bsnes v115

Works as intended with no issues found, so, accepted. While not a block issue, keep in mind that if you use the Muncher's graphics, a silver P-switch will always make the block appear as a coin due to SMW's animations, even if the "turn into coin" option is disabled.
mariozuero Link
imagine it in kaizo#smw{>:)}