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SMW Sprites → Kabomb

Submission Details

Name: Kabomb
Author: RudeGuy
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: A kabomb, inspired by NSMB's kabomb. It walks around and, when it comes in contact with some selected sprites, it'll turn red and chase the player. The sprites it can come in contact with can be customized, and it's possible to use normal, extended and cluster sprites, and both normal and custom sprites. See README.txt for details.

Graphics made by Epic_Stuff, credit him/her too!
Tags: enemy follow player lorom sa-1
Comments: 5 (jump to comments)
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Download 8.82 KiB | 626 downloads


Comments (5)

RudeGuy Author Link
@anonimzwx - it's configurable. i've put all those fire-based extended sprite in the tables already so it starts running with those by default. i don't think i've put the sumo brother's flame, though... you can insert it into the table yourself anyway.
anonimzwx Link
Sheer Heart Attack has no weakness!.
Good sprite, it starts to running with any fire ? Like bowser statue, reznor fireball, normalfireball, sumo brothers flames, etc...?
47104 Link
 MarioFanGamer Link
  • Lunar Magic v3.20
  • SA-1 Pack v1.32
  • PIXI v1.2.14
  • BSNES v115
A pretty nice sprite. I haven't seen many issues in gameplay (excluding the fact that you can't activate them with a fireball all the time).
I do have seen a couple issues with the code: The first one is how you got the size of cluster sprites wrong and entered hexadecmial instead of decimal values (you simply could have removed the $). Likewise, the jump states features redundant code (they all feature a JMP .continue) as you simply could have put the call of $0086DF in a subroutine or used a JSR ($xxxx,x) and restore the sprite index afterwards.
Captain 3 Link
Looking good #smw{;)}

She/Her is fine