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Alternate Mario ExGFX

SMW Patches → Alternate Mario ExGFX

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 JamesD28 Link
Tested with:

• Lunar Magic 3.20
• SA-1 Pack v1.32 (3MB, 6MB & 8MB ROM)
• Asar v1.71
• Snes9x v1.60
• bsnes v115

Works as intended, so, update accepted. One minor usage note that wasn't mentioned is that the address specified in the config file does not have to be freeRAM - you could instead put a specific address used by the game, then have that act as the index to what ExGFX to use during gameplay (e.g. different graphics depending on Mario's powerup state) - so long as it's range of possible values matches the number of Mario ExGFX you insert.
 MarioFanGamer Author Link
Tested with:
  • Asar v1.71
  • Lunar Magic v3.11
  • SA-1 Pack v1.32
  • UberASM Tool v1.4
  • BSNES v115
  • SNES9x v1.60

This must be the first patch where I use advanced Asar features i.e. nested defines, loops, defined addresses, etc.

When I moderated the patch, I forgot to replace the file so it doesn't support SA-1 (as noted here). This is a good thing as my update (which doubles as a remoderation) changes the way how the graphics are inserted.
Before, you had a macro which only allows you to set the ID but not where the graphics are located (you set freespace just like on a classical xkas patch, under the name !FreespaceID) and the filenames also were fixed to be mariogfxID (the new features could have existed back then when it was a xkas patch). Now the macro allows you to specify the bank (address is fixed) and the graphics can use any name now. You don't have to edit BankTable either which is where loops come into play (thia is a feature which requires Asar, btw).
Of course, SA-1 is also properly supported.

It doesn't affect the palette, though, but I planned to create Alternate Custom Mario Palettes sometime soon.

Do note that this isn't the only patch to use. Mario + Animated Tiles ExGFX is useful if you want the player graphics to be compressed (though it doesn't support SA-1 properly as the decompression buffer is too small and the current solution isn't flawless either) and Separate Luigi Graphics allows you to replace SP1 but is more complicated.
 Thomas Author From older version: Alternate Mario ExGFX Link
You should probably actually use this patch instead if you want level-specific ExGFX, as this patch does not compress graphics and will hence take up significantly more space in your hack for each GFX file inserted.

However, if that's not a concern, you can just use UberASM to set/clear the freeram address as necessary.
 Hooded Edge From older version: Alternate Mario ExGFX Link
Is there a way to make the graphic level specific rather than switching it on the go?
 MarioFanGamer Author From older version: Alternate Mario ExGFX Link
Added SA-1 compatibility and an assert (a forced warning if a certain condition is false) if !FreespaceX is doesn't end with $9FF8 and have added a few stuff to the instructon.

Other then that, it was really needed that the Yoshi fix was. Now, the only major downside is that the graphics occupy almost 3/4 of a single bank (0x5D00 bytes to be precise).

Also note that you need to search for freespace manually (i.e. use Slogger, though it assumes that the ROM is LoROM and not an SA-1 ROM) and you need to manually convert !Freeram to an SA-1 address (i.e. add $6000 to the address if the address is three to four digits long).
juaneergameer99 From older version: Alternate Mario ExGFX Link
#smw{:TUP:} very cool
zacmario From older version: Alternate Mario ExGFX Link
HammerBrother From older version: Alternate Mario ExGFX Link
Definitely good for hacks that you can switch characters.
Sylvenight_alt_alt From older version: Alternate Mario ExGFX Link
Level specification???????
TheN64man From older version: Alternate Mario ExGFX Link
where DO you specify the level though
zRoch From older version: Alternate Mario ExGFX Link
Where the heck do I specify the level?
 MarioFanGamer Author From older version: Alternate Mario ExGFX Link
Any plans to make it compatible with Yoshi?