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Another Mario Adventure

Super Mario 64 Hacks → Another Mario Adventure

Submission Details

Name: Another Mario Adventure
Authors: BroDute, Cheezepin, Mariocrash, Skillux, Toasterketchup, Tomatobird8, aglab2, mrcomit, pieordie1, scuttlebug_raiser, usernamesarentimportant
Difficulty: Intermediate
Demo: No
Length: 120 star(s)
Description: Another Mario Adventure is a major hack that contains 120 stars. This game is being in development for over 2 years and ended up containing 10 guest stage of various styles, difficulty and length.

I am so glad I managed to finish this game which I consider my biggest achievement in SM64 hacking. Expected blind playthrough time for experienced player is 5-7 hours.

The guest creators: BroDute, Tomatobird8, UsernamesAreSpiders, scuttlebug_raiser, sm64pie, Cheezepin, Crash, MrComit, ToasterKetchup, Kaze
Video Link: Link
Tags: adventure asm bosses gimmick music objects textures traditional
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