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Bunbun World 2

Super Mario World Hacks → Bunbun World 2

Submission Details

Name: Bunbun World 2
Author: sio-kedelic
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 19 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Welcome to Bunbun World 2!

After 14 months of development and multiple rounds of playtesting, Bunbun World 2 is ready to explore! Adventure through 19 exits of fast-paced beginner/intermediate Kaizo as you try to rescue Princess Bunbun.

This hack contains:

- 19 exits, each with their own custom palette, level ideas, and custom tracks courtesy of SMWC, including some of which were written specifically for this game! (shoutouts to KevinM, mmbeefstew, and kaigem)
- mostly-vanilla gameplay with a very-heavy emphasis on platforming, but with a few sprinkles of custom stuff!
- a few restrictions to challenge myself as a designer, including no switch palaces or switch checks, no on/off blocks, and no boss fights
- even more love and polish than the first game :)

Thanks again to everyone that made this hack a reality, including my playtesting crew, everyone who wrote a custom track for this game, everyone who supported development along the way, and last but certainly not least, my wife and my inspiration, princessbunbun_. I really could not have done this without you, and I hope that this game does you justice! Also thank you to everyone who downloaded v1.0, as that release day was one of the best days of my life <3

v1.1 edits:

- fixed overworld events after Hazy Kaizo Cave and Shifting Sanctuary, now lets you go to the levels they're supposed to
- darkened palettes in a couple of spots to help differentiate FG and BG
- nerfed obstacle in KLDC Dolphins
- adjusted slope speed jump in Mirror Temple to account for slower speeds
- nerfed end of segment in Under Pressure
- now able to do the optional cape tutorial multiple times
- small edits to Playtest Palace
- credits nerfed
- included tracklist now includes level names with each song
Tags: music
Comments: 32 (jump to comments)
4.9 (20 ratings)
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Comments (32)

Lane Link
Bunbun 1 is good but this 1 is GOOD
Dr.Moe Link
creative setups, fair difficulty, all in all great hack!
but why do i have to play through the credits? :D
ShadowBoxer_Sandshrew Link
Fun, unique, and creative. Good for teaching how to navigate note blocks and for learning unique shell jump setups. Loved the final castle so to speak.
robbobert Link
Head and shoulders above Bunbun 1. Really excellent job with this hack. All of the complaints I had after Bunbun 1 -- unnecessarily tight sections, weird difficulty spikes, unintuitive setups, finnicky spawns, really having to work to get things to line up -- were massively improved this time around, and the result was a challenging hack that was ridiculously fun instead of frustrating, and that kept me coming back for more. Great music choices and aesthetics as well. Excellent work all around.
mmBeefStew Link
This hack is amazing, charming levels with top tier level design, great music and funny moments throughout. Great job! 5 out of 5
TokZone Link
cool game #w{=)}
thetwaddler Link
Excellent hack. Really liked the improvements over Bunbun 1. Keep up the great work.
replaisment Link
What an absolute pleasure of a hack. Great music, great design, great palettes, great everything. Couldn't put it down and beat it all in one sitting. 5/5.
Alecazam Link
5/5! Outstanding hack that is now probably my go-to recommendation after people finish Quickie 2. Truly excellent, and deserving to be discussed in best beginner-medium kaizo hacks ever.
RetroSwim Link
Had an absolute blast with this one! The palettes and music were on point from the get-go, and the difficulty is, generally speaking, a nice steady climb. I never felt frustrated with any of the setups.

Playtester Palace
was a brilliant touch, a nice tribute to those who contributed, and I'm really a big fan of the
medley format
The_Uber_Camper Link
I would like to preface all of this by saying that these are criticisms, I'm not trying to trash your hack,
I'm trying to give some tips that (in my opinion) would make this go from being a decent hack to one of the greats.


I see real potential here, and I can almost understand the hype, but many things in this just don't feel quite "14 months" polished.


-Secret exit in level 2 (forgot the name) is easily cheesed with a keyjump, the section at the dino-rhino,
in fact I would argue that the cheese is easier to perform than the actual setup.

-Secret exit in the sumo level is also easily cheesed with a keyjump,
I didn't understand after several attempts what I was even supposed to do if not cheese it lol.

-Secret exit in the hazy maze level is very strange due to the placement of the visible kaizo block.
The block is intended (I think) for you to jump over, the level functions perfectly fine if you do, however,
if you jump under it you're screwed and the level is unbeatable without another of our trusty keyjumps,
doing so makes the times nearly impossible to beat, but still do-able.
I would suggest adding another block to the left of the first one,
it wouldn't impact the intended route whatsoever while also preventing doing it the jank way like I did.


We will start off with the good here, so this review doesn't seem so negative.


+When the levels are fun, they are REALLY fun.

+The setups that aren't frustrating are very, very good and often very creative.

+If lower-end intermediate/higher-end beginner is what you were going for difficulty-wise then you hit the nail EXACTLY on the head.

+Music for the most part is good and the volume on tracks seems to be relatively well balanced.


But as with all things, there are always things that could use improvement.


-The pink noteblocks in the noteblock level change color permanently after being hit, I'm not sure if you were limited on palette space,
but if you had free slots that would have definitely been a nice touch.
Also the second section in this level felt very blind due to the camera, I would consider using

-The dolphin level, in the second section, it is possible to spawn the koopa improperly after the first dolphin leading to a death that feels arbitrary.

-Under Pressure (I think is the name?), the second section feels very bizarre,
due to the nature of the ASM you used it felt far too gimmicky and tight compared to the entire rest of the game to me.

-The ship level the BG often lead me to believe that I could stand on it, and that's me playing the most updated version (as of 9/16/20).
I don't know if this was one of the levels in which you changed the palette,
but if so it could use some more work in my opinion.

-Both of these criticisms come from the first section of Firewall Fortress.
The music would get distorted by the fire sounds, maybe consider using a different track in which this doesn't happen.
Also, the timer was behind the foreground,
I didn't pay attention if you used layer 3 effects in that level or not, so if you did, make sure to call me out!

-Shifting Stronghold, in the second section, where you damage boost with the mushroom,
I would definitely recommend making the second turnblock be a muncher or spike,
because that setup made very little sense to me until I had died 15+ times,
and with the setup the way it was doing it still very annoying even knowing what to do.


As I said in the beginning, I'm not trying to make this hack look bad, because it's not, it's very good.
I do believe though that the hack could be considerably better, one of the greats,
if there weren't as many confusing setups, and if some of the clunky ones felt smoother.

You definitely put work into this and it shows, I just wanted to point out some easily-fixed flaws.
Zonked Link
I have not yet finished it, but so far I just love this hack. Very fair. Awesome job!
 Kevin Link
Originally posted by Nicky9Tails
I have 18 exits on my file. I select 2 players and then die and hit exit to switch to Luigi. I'm now Luigi standing on 'playtesters palace' but I can't enter. I've hit every button over and over again. Am I doing it wrong or did my file break?

You need to use the player 2 controller (bind the controls to P2 in the emulator).
Nicky9Tails Link
I'm not sure if I am doing something wrong or not but
I have 18 exits on my file. I select 2 players and then die and hit exit to switch to Luigi. I'm now Luigi standing on 'playtesters palace' but I can't enter. I've hit every button over and over again. Am I doing it wrong or did my file break?
Also really awesome hack thank you so much for making it sio!
Miscalc Link
This is so good. Really creative setups and never boring.
kingofett Link
I've really enjoyed this hack so far, and all of the levels have felt really smooth and consistent. I figured out my issue that was related to some phantom second controller to get into the final level, and will now enjoy the end of the hack!
snomangaming Link
This legitimately may be the best designed hack I've ever played. Every screen is very clear about your goal, and has some of the most unique vanilla ideas I've seen yet. A delight start to finish, even to the end credits! All hail Sio
TrendzAndz Link
This game was interesting, smooth and aesthetically pleasing throughout and overall very enjoyable.

I liked the option for different paths through the overworld, but still completed all of it before getting to the final castle on my own, because I didn't want to miss out on anything.

But please, let me save the midway in the final castle :)

Fantastic hack!
Sivarticus Link
Had a lot of fun finishing this hack. Definitely a must play.
Kezcade Link
A great followup to the original with lots of interesting levels, great music choices, and fun all around. Highly recommended.
Tiroler Link
This hack was exceptionally fun to play. The levels are well designed, the music choices are excellent and the setups are intuitive. I spent most of 2020 lost on the overworld (probably for the best), but the levels were so much fun that it didn't matter. Great work.
zLukaasPvPz Link
Very nice hack
mistermez Link
Great hack Sio, enjoyed every minute of playing this. That last level though... what a grind. Very satisfying hack to play, highly recommend to anyone that loves kaizo light.
Darkanine Link
Kaizo: Light means RTA viable (a human can beat it without tools)
obersteiner86 Link
No never ever is that kaizo light what is the diffination of kaizo light?The fire castel is are exmp. of that is not kaizo light
Yagami Link
Good Job
obersteiner86 Link
I can not reach the the p-switch in the ghost house i tryed p-speed nothing
duders Link
After taking a long break from kaizo, my first hack in months is this, and let me say that it doesn't disappoint at all. Sio delivered again on another solid hack that I think will be played for quite some time to come. Well done good sir!
 quietmason Link
What a great hack. I feel like it's consistently fun and interesting to play without being too challenging. Love it! :D
le4che Link
Amazing work Sio
B2De Link
dogemaster Link
This looks very epic, gonna try to play this asap