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Grey Eminence

Super Mario World Hacks → Grey Eminence

Submission Details

Name: Grey Eminence
Author: kebabchilla
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 34 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: DISCLAIMER:
This hack was started in 2014 as a compilation of old levels used for contests, streams, youtubers, different unfinished hacks from the past. Then it broke away again and 2020 came: Good times for some like that!
So here it is, added a lot of levels to what was there, so that I got 34 Exits in the end. Also, it features a whole own soundtrack, that also comes with the .zip to download!

'Peach vacates at toffee island when rumours reach her that Mario is harming mushroom kingdom. She hurries to go there isle by isle'

Like i said, this hack features 34 exits in 29 Levels in five worlds and is basically what I think is called "choconilla style". Also, due to the fact I hacked like I did if in 2014 (or previously), you can maybe call it an "oldschool hack".
Though, it's tested in ZMZ, snes9x and higan.

It starts pretty easy, but goes through a hard difficulty curve - especially the last levels are very challenging (to play without savestates at least!), containing some malicious j&r and some dense puzzle parts.
Additionally, you can look for and find a lot of eastereggs / secrets!

[[My (biggest) inspirations were: ASMT, VIP, TSRP and JUMP :3]]

I hope you're having lots of fun playing it! If there are any questions && if there maybe are some people playing the hack in streams / let's plays, feel free to text me on here!
And btw: There is a whole taw (solution plan) on youtube, that can be found here:

And if that's not clear for some reason: feel free to do whatever you want with the soundtrack!

EDIT: Now includes some fixes so that there is no possibility to get trapped at all
Tags: asm bosses exploration gimmick glitch huge level less exgfx music non-mario original soundtrack peach puzzle traditional variety
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Comments (2)

Metballs Link
I didn't enjoy anything about this hack. Everything about it was unpleasant. There's just so much wrong with this hack that I can't even put it into simple words of how this went, so I'm gonna dissect the most painful levels to show you all how my experience went

Admittedly, the first few levels aren't that bad and it starts off as a traditional hack would. That is until the first ghost house came.

- Museum of Time: This is where I started to actively hate this hack. This level is nothing but a giant pick a path, which obviously sets off a terrible impression to what the rest of the hack is gonna be. In 2021, I think everyone should know that a level where you do nothing but guess pipes and doors are a bad idea.

- Caspar Spa: This is the first level that can potentially glitch up the graphics very badly. I have no idea what causes it, but when it happens, you cannot get rid of them unless you reset the hack. If this was actually properly playtested (because I can tell it wasn't), then this would have never happened. This would have honestly been a good reject reason, but whatever

- The Japanese castle: This is by far one of the agonizing item babysitting levels I've ever seen. It really gives me some SMWCP vibes and that's not a good thing. It's very huge and it's not clear in the slightest of what the hell you're supposed to do. Even if you do know, it's not fun to execute it at all. This castle just felt so out of place because of how simple the previous levels went. This overall took me like 3 hours to beat and it was extremely unpleasant

- Yoshi's Island: At first, while this level may seem like a nice break after the horrors of the Japanese castle, it's not once you actually start to play it. I have no idea how the secret exit is intended to be obtained, so I just did a mid air to reach up there lol. The normal exit forces you to collect all 5 dragon coins. Not only is this extremely dumb because dragon coins are normally supposed to be optional collectibles, but it tells you this at the end of the level.

- Mario Mario's House: Not only is this another very huge and puzzly level, but it also feels like a bigger mess than the Japanese castle. I say this because I've manage to cheese most of it by using a variety of exploits such as shell jumps, clipping through ground, etc. This whole puzzle just feels very unpolished and untested and I have no idea how you're even intended to beat this, nor do I care. Nothing about it made any sense. To top it off, at the end, there's a part where you run up a wall for a full minute and it has a precise jump at the end. If you fail that jump, wait 2 minutes to try again. Why not just put clouds at the top so that the player doesn't fall? This is just unnecessarily tedious.

- Magic Buibuis Yósai: The first half in this level was actually pretty enjoyable, but the second half felt unnecessary. Just another tedious puzzle that just slows down the player. While this isn't much of an issue, I would have appreciated if the custom boss would take a little less hits

Now I should mention that at this point, you gotta do some serious backtracking once you obtain a fire flower at the level "Florarium fraglans" and this level was actually kinda fun to pull off once you figure it out. Unfortunately, once you lose the fire flower that you need to get the secret exit in "bunker 473" you're gonna have to redo that level again just to get another fire flower. Would have been nice to have an efficient midpoint so that the player doesn't have to redo what they've already done

- Stillwaters Rundeep: Not a bad level, but kinda boring. There's a little secret area that has a moon inside, but you're forced to reset the whole level afterwards. Why punish the player for finding a secret area? There's also a poorly place exploding rip van fish at the end of the level that's too easy to die at. Dying there quickly makes this level very tedious.

- PELLOWYITCHSWALLACE: This was weird. It seemed that the level wanted me to juggle the baby yoshi so that he can help me juggle the mushroom at the end, but there's literally nothing stopping me from juggling the mushroom myself. Seems like you've overlooked that, but I didn't care at this point because of how exhausting this hack was starting to get

- ? GREY EMINENCE ?: Ughhh, where do I even begin with this level? First of all, it's good to note that I gave up nearly at the end of this level because I just had 0 motivation and patience for this level and here's why.

The blue switch room has a bunch of filler obstacles at the beginning and then you have a propeller section with a bunch of insta death blocks everywhere. At this point, it seemed like you just ran out of ideas. Oh, you timed your jump slightly too early or late? DEAD. That's not all. After that, you then have a vertical flying yoshi section with a bunch of flying hammer brothers everywhere. This was just plain obnoxious because of how easy it was to get hit anywhere at anytime. Everytime you die there, you have to redo a bunch of filler to get back there.

The red switch room wasn't too bad actually. Only issues are that there are a few blind enemies that'll fall into your face with no time to react and skewers instantly kill you for whatever reason.

After getting past a few more sections, the gigantic pink puzzle room is where I finally gave up and stopped caring about this hack completely. I do not wish to ever come back as this is simply one of the worst hacks I've played so far. I do understand that there was clearly a lot of work put into this, but it just simply wasn't designed for the player to have fun in anyway shape or form. Overall, 1/5. I apologize for the long text and for sounding overly harsh, but these are just my honest thoughts.
MrBulaxa Link
Very Good #smrpg{y}