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SMW Graphics → Chocobo

Submission Details

Name: Chocobo
Author: Counterfeit
Type: Original
Purpose: Sprite
Slots Used: SP1, SP3
Palette Row(s) Used: A, B, C, D
Description: The Chocobo is a large, (usually) flightless bird from the Final Fantasy series that comes in many colors, famously yellow. I drew this Super Mario World-styled as a Yoshi replacement - it replaces Yoshi eggs and Yoshi-related signage as well. It does not require a custom palette. The hex edit needed to fix the lower half of the overworld sprite's palette is included for convenience, but can also be referenced in the ROM map. The tail feathers aren't so large and upright like much of the source series's material, but since this is within Yoshi's native framework, I'm not sure I can pull that off except with the credit Yoshies.

Anyone is welcome to expand or improve upon it and submit updates or variants without my permission.
Tags: patch needed yoshi
Comments: 4 (jump to comments)
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Comments (4)

 Anorakun Link
Remoderation Notes:
- Added Palette Row(s) and Slots information. SP1 refers to the overworld Yoshi gfx, while SP3 refers to the Yoshi Egg gfx. That's because Yoshi is a dynamic sprite and most of its tiles are located in GFX33.
- Adjusted screenshot order;

Other than that, this cute graphic is already up to the current standards. No changes were made to the zip file.
 E-man38 Link
This is such a fitting replacement, and the Chocobo graphics themselves look so good with the recognizable Yoshi flair! #smrpg{mlem}
G3rminho Link
Beautiful #fim{<3}
 Anorakun Link
That's a really clever idea. Also, these baby chocobos look very cute. Great job with this one, I really loved it. #smrpg{y}