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Disappearing Block v2.3

SMW Blocks → Disappearing Block v2.3

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 Anorakun Link
One thing that's not mentioned ,but important to consider: this block uses a big chunk of freeram dedicated to loading samples for AddmusicK, from what I was able to understand. (I think)

Unfortunately, every time that a new song is added in a hack by using AMK, it's necessary to rerun GPS and UberASM Tool again.

I think that ASM Mods should try to fix this issue, so the users aren't caught by surprise by weird bugs and stuff.
GiraffeKiller Link
I might have made a mistake, but the block reappears if Mario is still on it. If that's intended, is there something I can change in the ASM to make it disappear regardless? Thank you!


I realized what I did. It was my mistake. In the GPS list, I listed every map16 block and tied it to the ASM instead of just the first one (364). Whoopsie! Don't make my mistake. Or do make it if you want the block to do that, too. Lol.
SJandCharlieTheCat Link
Looks like these don't work properly when using some of tall horizontal level height modes. I have the height mode set to 0E, and while the blocks work properly when placed on the upper screen, they don't work in the bottom one.

(I've asked about it on the ASM channel of the Discord, and will edit this comment if I learn more.)
JamesD28 Link
Tested with:

• Lunar Magic 3.20
• Lunar Magic 3.04
• SA-1 Pack v1.32
• GPS V1.4.1
• Snes9x v1.60
• bsnes v115
• MarioE's Wall Kick Patch

Removed the sa1 tag because from my testing, it seems that this block isn't compatible with SA-1. The first reason being that the freeRAM is in bank $7F, which is inaccessible by the SA-1 chip (Snes9x doesn't consider this and allows $7F access illegally). The other reason is that, even after changing the freeRAM to SA-1 accessible RAM ($419D00 in my testing), the blocks do not disappear. While Mario's stood on a block it gets stuck in an endless loop of tile changing, severely overflowing NMI, and when he jumps off it, the block turns invisible, but doesn't actually disappear.

However, because this was accepted in the previous version (why?) and the mentioned changes for this update work as intended (reduced processing and wall kick compatibility), I'll accept it. In the next update it would be nice to see proper SA-1 compatibility.
ModernKiwi Link
Love the Fall Guys HUD!
Klug Link
Is this Fall Guys? LUL
le4che Link
QRTRx4 From older version: Disappearing Block v2.2 Link
good for 4-way levels
Final Theory From older version: Disappearing Block v2.2 Link
Good for 3 way levels.
 Thomas From older version: Disappearing Block v2.2 Link
Functions fairly well. I don't recommend using too many at once, however, since the way this is coded relies on SMW's extremely slow VRAM update handler. If too many blocks are updated at once via that, you can get NMI issues like this. A solution for future versions would be to try and distribute block updates across multiple frames. Other than that, though, it works fine.

Tested with: Lunar Magic v3.04, bsnes+ v05rc1, GPS v1.4.1, UberASM Tool v1.4, SA-1 v1.32
zacmario From older version: Disappearing Block v2.2 Link
Whoa finally blocks are getting some love again, I never understood the whole use what we got or make your own in block tool mentality, basically rendering the block section to be as exciting as fine print on toilet paper packages. Which actually is incredibly useful if you have nothing else to read while your in there.
 Hobz From older version: Disappearing Block v2.2 Link
good for two way levels
nlxt From older version: Disappearing Block v2.2 Link
good for one way levels