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Invisible Powerup

UberASM Repository → Invisible Powerup

Submission Details

Name: Invisible Powerup
Author: wiiqwertyuiop
Type: Level
Includes GFX: No
Includes Hijack: No
Featured: No
Description: This powerup will allow you to walk through enemies and walls for a period of time. Includes: the patch itself, a sprite, and a block. I think I tested it pretty well, so I hope it doesn't get rejected for that reason. Video. Ignore the status bar and one hit kill in the video.
Tags: invisible lorom power power-up sa-1
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Download 2.69 KiB | 168 downloads


Comments (4)

solgaleo35 Link
Is this compatible with the LX5 powerups patch?
HammerBrother Link
People tend to get confused between invisible vs invincible, or it could be a misspelling. Invisible means you cannot see something, invincible means indestructible, cannot be damaged.
MarkAlarm Link
Moderated with:
Lunar Magic 3.20
UberASMTool 1.4
GPS 1.4.1
Pixi 1.2.15
SA-1 Pack 1.32 (also tested without)
Snes9x 1.60

Conversion works well and behaves as it should, so it's accepted. The only thing of note is if you want to use freeram not in the direct page ($7E00xx), and you're on SA-1. If you need it to be somewhere else (absolute addressing), append "|!addr" to all of the freeram definitions. For example, "!FreeRam = $18CC|!addr".
 RussianMan Link
Converted patch into uberASM, sprite converted for PIXI and gave everything SA-1 support, as well as some small improvements.