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Yoshi to Twilight Sparkle

SMW Graphics → Yoshi to Twilight Sparkle

Submission Details

Name: Yoshi to Twilight Sparkle
Author: cyphermur9t
Type: Original
Purpose: Sprite
Slots Used:
Palette Row(s) Used:
Description: first person to replace Yoshi with somepony! This was just a test to see how well this kind of project would turn out. I think it turned out pretty good considering the limitations I had to follow.

Included is also a palette and a readme. Make sure to actually read it because it has some useful tips in there.
Tags: needs remoderation yoshi
Comments: 3 (jump to comments)
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Comments (3)

MarioIsTheBest1234 Link
Tarkan809 Link
Would you make a playable spike the dragon?
so that way there together?
Mellonpizza Link