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Pogo Toad

Sprites SMW → Pogo Toad

Détails de la soumission

Nom: Pogo Toad
Auteur: imamelia
Ajouté le:
Historique des versions: Consulter
Outil: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamique: Non
Démontage: Non
Graphismes Inclus: Oui
Description: Yay, my first fully functional sprite(s)! Inspired by a...rather unusual source, these little guys are 16x32 sprites that bounce around. One of them bounces up and down; the other bounces forward. LunarDrake drew the graphics, so if you use them, be sure to credit him as well.

Update 23/09/2020: SA-1 compatibility and .json conversions.
Étiquettes: enemy jumping lorom pogo sa-1
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commentaires (6)

Hiro-sofT Lien
In case you encounter a strange bug, where the dead pogo toad isn't falling down through the ground and instead just lands and vanishes on the ground, check the json file and remove the mark on "Dies when jumped on". I was looking for hours to find a fix for that, just to realize that the included json file was set up wrong.

Snessy The Duck Lien
Dang, the pogo toads were always one of the parts of Spy Kids 3D that stuck out to me the most for some reason, never thought I'd see it referenced like this. Pretty cool enemy!
 Major Flare Lien
Tested with: PIXI 1.2.15, SA-1 1.32, LM 3.20 and ZMZ 1.08.

Update accepted.
 JamesD28 Lien
Update 23/09/2020: Converted the cfg files to json with lists for extra bit clear and set, and added SA-1 compatibility.
VoxelRoguery From older version: Pogo Toad Lien
Isn't this from that one Spy Kids movie?
TheBiob From older version: Pogo Toad Lien
Updated to use shared subroutines and added a palmask file.
Also merged both versions into one file and added tags/screenshots.