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Little Mario World

Super Mario World Hacks → Little Mario World

Submission Details

Name: Little Mario World
Author: OctaviusPepper
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 23 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: A small adventure with no power ups, completely vanilla except for music, retry, and a few small quality of life ASM patches. Journey throughout Little Mario World learning about mushrooms and put an end to Big Boo's shenanigans once and for all. There's three switch palaces, one in every world and you must complete them all to finish the game 100%. The difficulty of this hack ranges from Quickie world 2 to Akogare Mario World so it ramps up in difficulty before long but it won't be any trouble for a seasoned player. Inspired by Quickie World 1 and 2, Robfather World, Super Beast World, Invictus,and Akogare Mario World. Good luck, have fun, and don't forget to Speedrun!
Tags: asm music traditional vanilla
Comments: 33 (jump to comments)
4.7 (21 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (33)

iamfromwinnipeg Link
Very challenging for me but rewarding to complete.
Tripii Link
Great hack for a beginner. The puzzle was a bit cryptic and I needed some aid from the comments below. Music was top notch. 4/5

GLHF #smw{:peace:}
Strangetrooper Link
Is a really fun hack to play, but i'm attached to the song in Necro´s Skyfall, can anyone tell me which one is?

I can't find it...
OctaviusPepper Author Link
I am so sorry it took this long for me to get back to you. If you still haven't found that song it's called Mega Man Soccer - Wood Field. Definitely a banger! Here's a link to it on smw central! GL!
Super Nikuworld Link
cool and fun hack but for a true beginner its way to hard and to precise. too much 2 gap jumps. + too many blind falls ... but the last boss was cool :3 overall good hack and worth to play gg
UghRochester Link
Decent hack.
I don't know how the penis got through
Kaiz0bro Link
This was one of my favorite hacks! I liked the fast-paced nature of the levels. Heavily revolves around solid platforming with at least 1 shell jump every section. Unlike others, I actually liked the checkerboard death blocks - It added a sense of precision. I recommend this to everyone I talk to who are looking for something a little harder than QW1 and 2. I'm not a huge puzzle person so I did end up cheating to figure it out after a while, but that doesn't really bother me. What bothers me is this creator hasn't released another hack yet!?! Lol 5/5
JezJitzu Link
This hack is great proof that not all kaizo hacks need fancy setup, tricks or item abuse to be fun. Lots of great flowing levels which feel satisfying for all skill levels.
h4shcat Link
E x e l l e n t
TheTaze Link
Really fun hack with great flow and level design. Lots of fun setups that are easy to read. I agree that the difficulty falls right between Quickie World 2 and Akogare 1.
santiagomcrib Link
Great hack!

If I had to nitpick,
I wish the 100% boss was remixed to be a bit harder.
thetwaddler Link
Really enjoyed playing through this hack. Lots of good platforming.
EulerIsAPimp Link
This hack was a ton of fun. It's one of my favorite for it's difficulty level which felt about the same as Akogare me after the first world.

It's mostly a pure platformer which makes it stand out a bit. My only complaints are that the color palletes are a bit confusing at times, I wish the secret exits had more level to them, and my brain could never get used to the checkerboard = death choice.
Neuromancer Link
Great hack!
LashLaRue24 Link
I had a lot of fun playing this. This is the 4th hack I've played, and I would definitely recommend for someone newer to kaizo looking for something more challenging than the Quickies. Good difficulty ramp and the levels all have a nice flow to them.

MoghedienNinek Link
A lot of fun, not to tough but still dam rewarding to play and super-fast action <3
jquery861 Link
Excellent hack! Had a blast from start to finish. Definitely worth playing, two nice routes (any%, 100%), a nice puzzle, very creative levels, and tons of fun. Spent around 4 hours in the first playthrough and was a chill non beginner yet easy hack. Also, leaderboard is up! cool to see some more people running the game :hype:
Sivarticus Link
Excellent hack!
TokZone Link
very good game kaizo hack #smrpg{<3}
bsolt Link
Really fun hack! Great work making an accessible hack with a good difficulty curve.

I don't think I'll ever get used to checkered blocks as death blocks though #tb{:DD}

aaabichou Link
nice hack ^^
OctaviusPepper Author Link
I wanted to make a comment addressing two things, the first switch palace, and
The puzzle
. If you want hints to solving either thing or even the solutions feel free to click on the spoilers here. I suggest trying to figure these things out yourself but I understand if you just want to get through the game without slowing down.

Switch palace hint:
No smiley face is complete without a nose

Switch Palace solution:
The beginning yoshi house has 2 kaizo blocks, one at the nose of the smiley face and the other directly above it.

Each number corresponds to one letter, and pay attention to the music in the hint room if you don't know where to go afterwards. Also there are no mushroom facts in castles, caves, or switch palaces.

The code 5813 6472 corresponds to the first letters of each respective mushroom fact spelling out JUMP LEFT. But where do you jump left? The music in the hint room is the same as in Zanian Brewing Co, which is the level right before accessing the hint room so that song should be fresh in your mind. I know it's crytic but I didn't want to skimp on the people who really like puzzles.
Metballs Link
Nice little kaizo hack. Pretty fun
thiaguintx Link
where is the green switch ??
DanOfMostTrades Link
I haven't finished the hack yet, but I love it so far. The level design is this rapid, chain-reaction type platforming that I love, and it's also accessible. I also really like the music choices. Looking forward to the rest of the hack!
 Linkdeadx2 Link
Cute little hack. I enjoyed everything except
the puzzle
marathonx Link
Overall a pretty fun hack that is true to the difficulty it mentioned - it'll only take a couple hours for someone with a good amount of kaizo under their belt.

While many of the levels were cool (the second half of
Woxic's Snakeybus
has one of the coolest mechanics I've ever seen), there were quite a few blind drops that, even with coin trails, were less than ideal. (I also apologize for the ableist language, with blind drops).

I feel that the checkerboard towers, while clearly stated that they kill you, were often haphazardly placed and would have looked a lot nicer if they were removed and replaced with ground that matched the general level aesthetic. They felt out of place a lot of the time imo and often were death walls when regular walls would have been just fine.

I also was able to get 23 exits on the file screen, so the exit count should be updated.

Despite these small nitpicks, the hack mostly flowed well with a couple hiccups here and there, but overall pretty fun. Good job!
B2De Link
This was a fun playthrough. Good flow. #smw{:TUP:}
GiraffeKiller Link
Man. I love how well this hack can flow. I was able to one shot a couple half levels and that just felt amazing. I don't totally agree with every little detail, but I'm nearly done with the hack and I've loved playing this very much. Well done!
slopcore Link
While I thought there were a few obstacles that were a little tighter/harder to read than everything else that's probably about <1% of a hack that is otherwise a very quick and enjoyable playthrough.
Cute little puzzle at the end as well.
I'd say it's great for beginners, or anyone looking to fly through some levels.

Very cool #smw{:TUP:}
anthonypasha Link
Any clues for what to do with 58****72?
obersteiner86 Link
ha ha the troll on the 3 lvl got me two times nice hack.Is that whant that the camera not scroll up on the frist switch i can not say the name of the lvl because spoiler.
mason Link
A very fun vanilla adventure. I really enjoyed testing this hack, made by a wonderful creator and person. I would recommend this hack to players of any skill level, as I think it’s a good challenge for beginner/intermediate players while remaining a fun play for seasoned players. #w{=)}