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Sayonara Mario World

Super Mario World Hacks → Sayonara Mario World

Submission Details

Name: Sayonara Mario World
Author: margot
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 13 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Sayonara Mario World is a very chocolate kaizo hack heavily inspired by the rhythm game Sayonara Wild Hearts.

It features:
13 exits
instant retry
frequent checkpoints

It does not feature:
hidden blocks
secret exits
a water level

I hope you enjoy it. <3


change log:
1.01 - added a message box before a boss fight to increase clarity
1.1 - housekeeping update: fixed various small gfx issues, and slightly tweaked a few jumps/sections throughout the game to improve overall flow and difficulty curve
Tags: asm bosses music
Comments: 28 (jump to comments)
5.0 (13 ratings)
No rating
Download 982.03 KiB | 1,759 downloads


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Comments (28)

MorrieTheMagpie Link
This hack made me fall in love with SMW Kaizo again. Thank you.
Neuromancer Link
Fun hack!
Kimota Link
Awesome hack. Samsara was one of my favorites, and this follow up did not disappoint. It's a gorgeous hack with boundless creativity. I didn't love everything (never a fan of penguins or autorun), but I loved a lot, and Sayonara goes out with one hell of a bang. Easy 5/5.
GrenudoGames Link
so much fun. i love every level!
MistaX88 Link
A fun and pretty hack all around. #smrpg{:D}
frozenflygone Link
A joyful experience. I was sad to finish this hack because I wanted more! Incredible level design, chocolate mechanics that felt intuitive and exciting, and gorgeous aesthetics. This is my favorite kaizo hack I have played so far, Margot did a fantastic job. <3
Miscalc Link
This was so much fun. Tons of fresh ideas and found myself finding the rhythm of each level as I worked my way through them. Highly recommended.
MarsAmpere Link
This may be my favorite hack. It's endlessly innovative and charming and presents bold ideas (as well as some "but is it too bold?" ideas, which honestly I find to be part of the appeal). All-around it's a super classy romhack that I respect the hell out of and highly recommend. 5/5
TrendzAndz Link
What a fun hack this was for me. You nailed a theme aesthetically with graphics and music while also making a super fun hack to play.

The ability to save midways would have been nice, but the levels were rather short, so it wasn't missed all too often.

My favorite section was the
vertical autoscroller on the potobo through the bat circles in the castle
, my favorite level was the
dolphin level
, or was it my least favorite? I'm not sure.

Loved it.
TokZone Link
i love it good job #smrpg{<3}
Morsel Link
I had to try this after seeing it at a recent event. It must be one of the most visually appealing hacks I have ever seen. There are many tremendous level concepts, with diverse obstacles and activities and many exciting moments. My major (and minor) criticism is that you often have to travel at full speed with little chance of correcting properly if you started badly; the levels are short enough that this doesn't really matter. The dolphin level was my favourite.
blackhart Link
I loved this game so much. You did such a great job Margot. I loved the cohesive aesthetic, the ASM you used, and your level design. Super fun. #smw{<3}
Kezcade Link
A pretty fun kaizo experience overall. Each level has a unique gimmick, most of which I enjoyed, and because of that most levels felt unique and interesting from each other.

There were a few levels I didn't care for because of the ASM used, but I enjoyed a lot of the levels and thought the final two were very interesting. I'd like to go back to the final castle and experience what I missed there.

Due to the chocolate nature of the hack there were some parts a little more difficult to understand than others. After playing this myself and watching a few more people play this game blind I think there are a couple sections that could use a little tweaking if there happened to be a 1.2 to help smooth things out a little more.

Overall this hack wasn't too hard and seems fairly accessible to a wide range of players who want to take it up. If you're looking for a chocolate experience give this one a shot and see how you like it.
oneframejames Link
Fantastic! 5/5. Very chocolate heavy. Often times I prefer vanilla. Very well known fact about me, but this hack struck a chord in my heart; my wild heart! A lot of variety of chocolate can be seen in this hack and the setups are very creative/interesting. There's a few times it gets pretty tricky, but it's not so much of a bad thing. It's just that some parts are fairly difficult and chocolate at the same time. Overall the hack isn't insanely difficult or anything. Far past what a beginner should play, but nowhere near the hardest hacks out there. The chocolate can just sometimes make it seem harder than it actually is, while being very creative at the same time. Very fun hack that is very well thought out and brilliant in a lot of ways. If you love chocolate, this is definitely a hack you don't want to let get buried in the list of smw hacks on here. Amazing chocolate heavy hack here, somewhat difficult because of unique chocolate setups, but a must play for chocolate lovers. Final note, you may hate the 3rd exit, because of blindness, but forgive the maker for that. lol. The hack really is amazing and that level is probably a lot better on a run back, but is a bit extreme for blindness. lol. Keep with it...
 idol Link
actually this hack is just for the girls and the gays. sorry. i dont make the rules.
margot Author Link
Originally posted by GoombaDestroyer64
This is literally Just for mans #smrpg{cool}

This hack was made by a woman, so, uh, agree to disagree I guess.
GoombaDestroyer64 Link
This is literally Just for mans #smrpg{cool}
 shovda From older version: Sayonara Mario World Link
I had a lot of fun with this hack. For transparency, I too playtested it. The dolphin level is definitely unique - I didn't love playing it necessarily, but I love the idea of it. It reminds me of sections from Morsel's "Storks" (the dolphin ascent/descent through saws) or "Elephants" (the ladder ascent through koopas). The difference here though is that, imo, there actually was a bit of time to read and react, however small it was.

It's a hack for people who like new and interesting ideas. If you come to kaizo for the same motifs done differently, there are plenty of hacks out there for you. Don't come for this one because it poses a unique challenge.

Even when it uses some tried and true tropes, there's shakeup. The "sprite that follows your x position" level uses a podoboo instead of an eerie/dolphin; the ultra star uses bubble platforms.

I truly loved the chuck castle and the final level, by the way. There were some that I thought were less good - the gauntlet could go, for example - but the best levels were immensely fluid, clever, and, most importantly, fun.

I heavily recommend this hack, but only for folks who also enjoy hacks like Tithered, Casio, or the Morsel canon.
 Amethyst From older version: Sayonara Mario World Link
I playtested this, for transparency.

This is straight up one of my favorite hacks. It's tough, irreverent, resistant to kaizo conventions, and queer as heck. Margot matured a lot as a creator since Samsara Mario World and definitely found her voice.

That being said, the dolphin level is a sin, but no more of a sin than any other kaizo hack that requires pure memorization for a level.#w{:>}
 Kevin From older version: Sayonara Mario World Link
Originally posted by Phyll
shitty dolphin level :(

Originally posted by Dennsen86
worst hack i´ve ever played in my life -.-
+ worst shitty dolphin level

You could've at least explained why you think something is "shitty", just posting a brainless comment like this isn't really helpful for the creator to improve their work. Also saying this is "the worst hack you've ever played" is just immature and detrimental.
Laika From older version: Sayonara Mario World Link
Clever and creative level design coupled with a challenging difficulty level that never feels punishing. Great hack!
le4che From older version: Sayonara Mario World Link
Very very fun hack, well done on this
Nowieso From older version: Sayonara Mario World Link
The dolphin level needs serious work. It is completely blind, no indicators and not even any foreground.
Lizstar From older version: Sayonara Mario World Link
Pretty hard, but a lot of really great and creative ideas. Also a lot ideas some might consider cursed, but tbh I see this as an absolute win. Highly recommended.
Dennsen86 From older version: Sayonara Mario World Link
worst hack i´ve ever played in my life -.-
+ worst shitty dolphin level
Phyll From older version: Sayonara Mario World Link
shitty dolphin level :(
B2De From older version: Sayonara Mario World Link
Tough game, but it's very well put together. Looks pretty, sounds fantastic. GG. #smw{:peace:}
oofoplayez561 From older version: Sayonara Mario World Link