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Literally just a bonus room

Super Mario World Hacks → Literally just a bonus room

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 dacin Link
A fun one-screen puzzle that makes heavy use of the null sprite and stun glitch. Requiring you to stun a flower or cape to get an enemy so that you can free up slot 1 is a cool idea.

Unfortunately, there weren't really any puzzly steps besides this one, everything else is mostly just knowing the stun glitch and null sprite glitch. This makes this hack a bit too bare-bone for my taste.

My clear video:
 xHF01x Link
My playthrough
Another one screen pit puzzle that heavily relies on the stun glitch. This time, the solution might be a bit more complicated than in "Easy One Screen Puzzle" but the execution certainly felt easier (there's no real need for anything more than 50% slowdown). Overall this was fun to play and I couldn't find any significant breaks.

One thing that bugs me a bit about this however is the lack of actual level design: The entire hack is basically a graphically overhauled Top Secret Area with a yoshi coin, 2 springboards and 2 turnblocks added to it. This issue would be irrelevant if the level was part of a bigger pit puzzle hack but as it tries to stand on its own, it's very noticable. As the hack is the first time this level gimmick has been used this way, it's acceptable but it is something to keep in mind for the future.
obersteiner86 Link
that is are block dup glitch with keyhole dint know about this
mason Link
Magikey linked a clear video down below, showing their solution
obersteiner86 Link
I dint read that with LM hmm strange how the hell you get ther any exit besides the side exit that is alredy enabled.hmm its not the orb glitch or is it?If it realy are glitch then you need tas for that and then is why i see lua not LM.
mason Link
The point is creating an exit in this bonus room, which requires a lot of incredibly precise glitch control. So yes, Kaizo: Pit suits it well.
obersteiner86 Link
if it just are 1 room like on you video then its not even kaizo light and not kaizo pit.
Magikey Author Link
Originally posted by le4che
any video?

le4che Link
any video?
Noob Link
Well ... I downloaded this game, but someday I will play ... my skills are still limited in Kaizo light (and unfortunately I'm still an intermediate player in Kaizo) #w{>=(}