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Super Mario World (Prototype) - Bushes and Trees

SMW Graphics → Super Mario World (Prototype) - Bushes and Trees

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Comments (7)

AppleBoy54321 Link
It's so beautiful!
One year anniversary edit: Still beautiful, added the apostrophe to make this proper grammar.
Epic_Manky Link
why didn't they use these in the final game? they look really good
 Ayami Link
god imagine if level 106 was like that in the original game

Nice job btw
KaidenThelens Link
Swag! #smw{<3}
GaloombaCat Link
Klug Link
What would the Forest theme looked like...
 Anorakun Link
Your palmask masked all the colors and somehow, messed up the palette of the graphics. I fixed that by making a new one. Otherwise, graphics accepted.