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Carryable Cement Block

SMW Blocks → Carryable Cement Block

Submission Details

Name: Carryable Cement Block
Author: JamesD28
Act As: 130
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: This is a cement block, but it can be picked up and thrown around! When grabbed, it will turn into a cement block sprite, and will revert back to a carryable cement block (or any configurable Map16 tile) when it hits a wall, gets carried into an enemy, or its carry timer runs out (also configurable).
Includes the "spawner" block, the carryable block sprite, and ExGFX (overwrites the "Cloud Game Coin" in SP2).

Credit is unnecessary but appreciated.

A few things to consider:

- It is possible in some cases to be killed by the sprite when it turns back into a block; this is more likely when you're running and carrying the block sprite. This is because blocks can only be a minimum of 16 pixels apart, so when the sprite reverts to a block, it snaps to the nearest 16-pixel "square". In some cases this can make it overlap with Mario enough that he gets killed inside the block.

- The block works relatively well with layer 2, and can snap to tile positions pretty closely even with variable scrolling and layer 2 scroll commands. It's not always perfect though.

- Since this becomes a sprite when grabbed, the amount you can have active at once is limited by the number of sprite slots. They also don't despawn when offscreen, so be careful if you intend on having a lot of them in a level/area at one time.
To make them despawn when offscreen, open the .json in PIXI's CFG editor, uncheck the "Process when offscreen" box, save, then re-insert the sprite.

- To avoid cutoff on certain objects and potential level breaks/cheeses, the block sprite will only revert back to a block if the current Map16 tile at its position is air. Otherwise, it will simply vanish. This is layer-dependent though, so a layer 2-spawned block sprite could revert if it was in front of a layer 1 bush tile, so long as the layer 2 tile it's at was air.
Tags: carryable cement block lorom sa-1 solid
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Comments (6)

 Kevin Link
This sprite has an issue where it doesn't work in vertical levels. If you encounter this issue, see here for a fix.
MarkAlarm Link
Moderated with:
Lunar Magic 3.21
GPS 1.4.1
Pixi 1.2.15
SA-1 Pack 1.32 (also tested without)
Snes9x 1.60

Works as intended, accepted. Interesting block/sprite combo, there are definitely cool things to be made with this. Nice options to be able to change the timer and the block it transforms into as well.
Luaxon Link
This is what I expected Super Mario Maker to be like
HammerBrother Link
Mario is now editing the level, by grabbing those cement blocks.
 mason Link
This looks incredible!!
KaidenThelens Link
This looks so cool!

Can't wait to use this!!