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Super Mario World (Prototype) - Mountain

SMW Graphics → Super Mario World (Prototype) - Mountain

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario World (Prototype) - Mountain
Author: Green Jerry
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Background
Slots Used:
Palette Row(s) Used:
Description: The mountain background from the recent leak, referred to as "yama" in the files. Compared to the final backgrounds, it's not as detailed.

No custom palette required.

Note: the clouds' palette and the missing pixel was fixed, in the original they were green.
Tags: grassland mountain needs remoderation
Comments: 2 (jump to comments)
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Comments (2)

 Ayami Link
This was an interesting one, I like its minimalistic style.
P-Tux7 Link
I'd suggest an 8-bit tag because those mountains are very simply-coloured.