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    Super Mario Maker 2 - SMB Desert

    Musique SMW → Super Mario Maker 2 - SMB Desert

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    Nom: Super Mario Maker 2 - SMB Desert
    Auteur: Ezek.The Square Remixer
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    Taille d'insertion: 0x018A bytes
    Type: Chanson
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    Source: Adapation
    Durée: 0:42
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    Description: SMB1 Desert theme in SMW / SMAS Style
    I will release a version that uses many more channels, pitch bends and more later.
    This is an accurate recreation of smb1's desert theme, try to make it sound as close to the original, using adsr values ​​on some channels to make it sound like the original.
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    Étiquettes: desert ruins temple
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    commentaires (2)

    undefined0 Lien
    the best desert song I could find. Definitely using this in my hack!
    brickblock369 Lien
    Though I accept this since the offenses weren't bad enough to reject, a few things to point out:
    The loop placement is wrong, in #1, the slash mark should be placed before r2. and not after the first a+4, and in #2, it should be placed in between the r1^1, therefore being r1 / r1.
    There are repeated portions that you missed, starting from around line 23 and from line 29 too.