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Earthworm Jim (SNES) - New Junk City

SMW Graphics → Earthworm Jim (SNES) - New Junk City

Submission Details

Name: Earthworm Jim (SNES) - New Junk City
Author: Anorakun
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Background
Slots Used: BG2, BG3
Palette Row(s) Used: 1
Description: The background from the first stage of Earthworm Jim, from the SNES version. Compared to the Genesis one, the palette uses a different tone of green and instead of having a sun in the background, it uses a flare lens effect to imitate the sun and well, the flare lens (layer 3) is already in the site, so yeah, it can be used with this background as well.

Credit would be nice, but is optional.

Tags: cave mountain needs remoderation
Comments: 3 (jump to comments)
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Comments (3)

 Teyla Link
Just a warning to people who use this, you -might- want to set V-scroll to "none" in the layer 2 settings or change the FG scroll settings to "No vertical scroll." There's a -little- bit of wiggle room here so the .mwl didn't need to be adjusted, but I figured I'd mention it.

I like how little palette space this uses for giving such a strong layered feel. I'm a huge sucker for optimization lol. This would do really well with a Layer 3 BG behind it or in front of it. Maybe even do the actual lens flare trick the original did.
 Anorakun Author Link
Changed from palette 3 to palette 1. Done!
Rykon-V73 Link
While it's great, making this use palette 1 might be more effective.