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Super Mario World Hacks → MINERVA

Submission Details

Author: Sariel
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 12 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: This is a glitch puzzle hack! If you're expecting fun go somewhere else!

This hack is mainly inspired by Kruela Mario 1+2 and My Little Puzzles. Instead of being a Kaizo: Hard glitch puzzle hack, MINERVA brings this genre into the Kaizo: Light scene.
> The levels are relatively short
> No overly complicated/precise glitches are required
> You can preview the level by entering a door at the start
> You can get 1 hint per level, which should help you finding the solution.

It's very unlikely you will figure out everything on your own.
Most of the required glitches can be found either in this thread or you can watch the intended strats in this playthrough.

Tester's review:
"A masterpeice of a puzzle" - xHF01x
"Great, unique experience" - Chosentw0
"This is fun. Just not for everyone" - ThirdWall

Wishing you best of luck and knowledge
- Sariel
Tags: glitch music no boss puzzle vanilla
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Comments (4)

lucas santos Link
eu gostei
GiraffeKiller Link
Redoing my comment because I didn't realize you had the playthrough right there in the description. Lol. Sorry about that. Great hack. Very happy to learn these glitches!
idealiter From older version: MINERVA Link
I agree that the levels in this demo are very rta-friendly. And I appreciate your attempt to make a glitch puzzle hack in this style.

If you know what glitches are required, it's not too hard to solve the puzzles/to execute. I enjoyed the levels and imho it isn't too difficult to figure out what to do (esp if you use the glitch list). Additionally, the level preview helped a lot on the way through the levels.

To me, due to the number of required steps the difficulty ramps up in the last level and it took a bit longer both to solve the puzzle and to execute the solution. This level also shows, that the level length/number of steps is, aside from things like frame-perfect glitches, a huge factor in balancing the levels and making them rta-friendly. However, considering your description, you're already well aware of this.

I'm excited to see more.
 xHF01x From older version: MINERVA Link
Having tested a previous version, I'll have to say this new version is way better. The puzzles, in typical glitch-puzzle fashion, involve some nontrivial glitches. However, contrary to the typical glitch-puzzle design, the levels are fairly short to balance this and as a result, this hack is quite rta-friendly. If you have figured out a solution, executing it shouldn't be a major hurdle. I'm looking forward to the final version of this.