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SMW Graphics → Butt

Submission Details

Name: Butt
Author: P-Tux7
Type: Original
Purpose: Sprite
Slots Used:
Palette Row(s) Used:
Description: Requested by le4che - a butt replacing the goal sphere in the Ropes sprite bin (GFX05), so now Mario can literally get his butt handed to him after a hard level. It doesn't use a custom palette, but you'll need to use Tweaker to make it use Palette 8 or edit the .cfg file of a custom goal orb sprite to do so. Copy the tile to whatever sprite .bin you want to use it with. It will also use Luigi's palette if you are playing as him, but isn't that appropriate?
Tags: goal sphere needs remoderation
Comments: 15 (jump to comments)
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Comments (15)

 Hooded Edge Link
Swiggity Swooty.
Earthling Link
looks nice but why
GaloombaCat Link
why they called a ass for nsfw hacks now #w{:s}
Masked Man Link
Would be useful for NSFW hacks.
Epic_Manky Link
not what i had in mind but it'll do, i guess

Jacko Price Link
i love this
 Counterfeit Link
I've been searching all my life for this

It is bootiful
le4che Link
thank you so so much dude :D
 Ayami Link
can't say if serious or troll

but made me laugh at least
 Samantha Link
codfish1002 Link
Why does it look more like a sideways hamburger than a butt? #smw{o_O?}
KaidenThelens Link
Blizzard Buffalo Link
 Burning Loaf Link
 quietmason Link