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Mushroom Onion Pizza

Super Mario World Hacks → Mushroom Onion Pizza

Submission Details

Name: Mushroom Onion Pizza
Author: MistaX88
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: My first hack. A kaizo light hack with a focus on platforming but with a tiny bit of shell stuff as well. A mix of chocolate and vanilla.

13 levels, 17 exits.
A good and bad ending.
Choice between Mario and Luigi (with separate Luigi graphics patch to make him look unique).
Instant Retry.
Custom music.
Press Start to save on overworld.


-First two dino torches in level 1 moved one tile left to reduce dependency on speed oscillation.
-Extra semisolid platform tile added to yellow pipe at end of level 1 to make the bounce off the koopa less tight.
-Added 1 tile of headroom to the mole part of Shoujo's Island to eliminate the issue of a jump sometimes not recharging Yoshi's flying.
-Increased height of first flying blocks in yellow switch by 1 tile to make the jump off of them less tight.
-Altered the end setup in Shovda's Shysters with the chuck to make it less bland and eliminate P-speed cheese.
-Added an indicator coin and moved the barrier left 1 tile for the first green shell setup in Syun Forest to make it more readable.
-Eliminated cheese where you could ride the edge of the vertical dolphin in Syun Forest.
-Added a visual hint for one of the secret pipes.
-Changed Podoboo color in Wendstag so they stand out better from the background.
-Decreased the volume of the final boss music.
-Added an arrow sign to encourage people to keep running past the blind thwomp in red switch (sorry, I really thought the gap in the coins under the 2 tile shaft was enough to give it away).
-Slightly nerfed the second to last room in red switch.

-Fixed some cheese in two places in Thirdwall Hall (and made one of the jumps more challenging in the process).
-Made an important level name change.
Tags: asm bosses less exgfx music traditional
Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
5.0 (1 rating)
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Comments (10)

TokZone Link
good game hack
kaizo pizza food #tb{:]}
BearVsBrian Link
I enjoyed it! But I was disappointed by the lack of pizza I actually ate while playing the hack...
Here's me playing in on YouTube
MilkyMooer From older version: Mushroom Onion Pizza Link
I love this
CCoolant From older version: Mushroom Onion Pizza Link
Fun hack! Have some complaints about some jumps here and there, wasn't a huge fan of the waiting game in the balloon level either, but overall really enjoyed the game.

This is a pretty good hack for those, like me, who are just started to inch their way into the intermediate difficulty of Kaizo.

Nice job, MistaX :)
Kimota From older version: Mushroom Onion Pizza Link
There were bits here and there that I appreciated, like the vertical bee section, but overall I didn't enjoy it. This hack didn't have much original on offer, which can be fine, but then I didn't find the platforming to be especially polished or fun either.

Something I've noticed in several recent hacks is over-reliance on custom blocks. In this case, the death nets are very overused. And they are ugly as hell.

That is probably my main critique of the hack: the visuals. Most of the levels have way too many different colors on screen. Like, look at screenshot 5. There are several different visual styles and every color in the rainbow on screen at the same time. It's unpleasant to look at and in some cases makes the game harder to play, because the important elements don't stand out on the messy screen. And some of the hyper-detailed backgrounds are so distracting that I used my emulator to shut them off.

So yeah, this isn't a nice review, but still I hope you keep at it. There's good stuff in here, and you can improve presentation and polish in future hacks.
zLukaasPvPz From older version: Mushroom Onion Pizza Link
Nice man
Erick_SMW From older version: Mushroom Onion Pizza Link
obersteiner86 From older version: Mushroom Onion Pizza Link
missed that it is are recrap section,nice yellow switch
MistaX88 Author From older version: Mushroom Onion Pizza Link
Originally posted by obersteiner86
ehhh what is the 3 koopa not are litle bit to far away from the calompa?

Not sure what you are trying to say. Are you talking about bouncing off the koopas to the goombas in the first level? Do you know about maintaining speed after doing a butt slide?
obersteiner86 From older version: Mushroom Onion Pizza Link
ehhh what is the 3 koopa not are litle bit to far away from the calompa?sorry my mistak nice recrap section