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The Winter Island

Super Mario World Hacks → The Winter Island

Submission Details

Name: The Winter Island
Author: Mario is the best
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 3 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: I am one with a demo of a winter hack so this hack has only 3 levels and there are no secrets. Hope you enjoy also the Full game coming out Sometime in December.
Tags: demo normal traditional winter
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Comments (2)

RetroYuuki Link
Hi there

My name is RetroYuuki and I do content creation based on classic games, indie games, and many others. This year, I plan to start playing rom hacks like yours. I just recorded my first game play of it and I like your rom hack. I really like the ice physics thrown into the stage. Its a really nice touch. Im going to go live with this soon and I can't wait for more of your work. Good luck and keep up the good work.
gravityaries7174 Link
ill wait for the full game, pm me when you complete it.