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Super Captain Falcon 64

Super Mario 64 Hacks → Super Captain Falcon 64

Submission Details

Name: Super Captain Falcon 64
Authors: Blakeoramo, PastaPower
Version History: View
Difficulty: Easy
Demo: No
Length: 120 star(s)
Description: Captain Falcon 64 is a SM64 character hack by PastaPower and I, but actually has custom code unlike most character hacks as well as the features listed below.

1.3 Changes:

-Fixed 3 bugs, check the readme for info
-Optimized my messy code (trust me the source was really bad before)
-Included Source Code.

Changes Since 1.1.1

-Falcon Costume Alts

Download Here:

The code in all of the ROMS are identical to 1.1.1, they are only aesthetic changes, handcrafted by Pasta, and tweaked by me.


*Works on emulator and console! (tested by GTM and PastaPower).
*Press the L Trigger to Falcon Punch, which will destroy nearly any object in the game (There are exceptions which were deliberately disabled to avoid crashes).
*Press Z+B at any time to do a Falcon Kick, which will put you at 120 speed immediately.
*New animations for running and jump kick (now "Knee"), as well as various other graphics.
*New music for File Select + Credits as well as hidden easter eggs.
*Various other changes like falcon punching some bosses will spawn a key or a star.


- Changed "Mario" text with "Falcon"
- Custom Animations
- Captain Falcon Model
- Changed Credits Text
- New HUD and End Cake Picture
- Misc sound effects

- Used C Injection for all the new code.
- Falcon Punch
- Falcon Kick
- New Ending Sequence and Easter Eggs like Toad death scream
- Replaced credits music.
- Disabled Falcon Punch for objects that'd otherwise crash the game
- Various other changes and all bugfixes since version 1.0
Video Link: Link
Tags: asm c code c injection captain captain falcon character character hack custom code easter egg easter eggs f-zero falcon falcon kick falcon punch kick n64 punch
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