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Super Mario and the Grand Star v1.2

Super Mario 64 Hacks → Super Mario and the Grand Star v1.2

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario and the Grand Star v1.2
Author: Grand Star
Difficulty: Intermediate
Demo: No
Length: 116 star(s)
Description: 'Super Mario and the Grand Star' is a ROM hack of Super Mario 64 with a total of 116 stars to collect.


- Original Mario Cam has been restored/camera problems fixed (credit to Aglab2, originally fixed in v1.1 "Sober Edition")
- Updated coin and star models
- Removed excess surfaces/faces left over from development
- Fixed random messages which popped up occasionally and didn't make sense
- Other small changes


- Parallel Lakitu Cam added (+ improved Mario Cam)
- Replaced cap themes and final stage themes with new tracks (Voyage 1969 is now only used for star select)
- Removed lives system (in part because it's useless, in part to fix game over crash)
- Fixed game over crash and start up crash
- Significantly reduced lag in certain areas
- You can now exit course at any time
- 'Exit Course' will now take you directly outside the level entrance of the course you are in
- Improved mission naming system
- Other small quality of life updates

*Game still crashes on 'Save and Quit', but it should still save your progress regardless*

*Your save data from any previous version should transfer over to this version since the internal ROM names are identical*


Bowser and his minions have gone to war with the Mushroom Kingdom, though the tides of the war are constantly shifting.
To help shift the war in his direction, Bowser travels to the Moon in search of a prophesied ancient relic known as the Grand Star.
The situation goes from bad to worse when Bowser awakens Khonsu, one of the last surviving members of an alien civilization.
Khonsu seems to think the people of Earth killed his people many years ago, and vows to destroy the Earth to get revenge.
It's now up to Mario to save the world from Khonsu!

This game is set to take place after the events of Super Mario 64 and shortly before the events of Super Mario Sunshine.


Original game by Nintendo.
'Super Mario and the Grand Star' mod by Grand Star.

- Grand Star

Certain Models Used In Levels:
- Brodute (tree models)
- GomePlayTV (mushroom models (C12), cloud models (C14, C15, and Bonus Course), and castle models (C14 and C15))

Object Models Used:
- Nexan (coin model)
- Nintendo/The Models Resource/Orange Pumpkin (star model)

- Grand Star

- [Nintendo]
- 64Modder
- DobieMeltfire
- EDARK 900
- ibums
- Pablo's Corner
- pieordie1
- ShrooboidBrat
- Skelux
- VanessaWolfe2015

Tools Used:
- Alcaro
- Frauber
- Pilzensel64
- Skelux

Camera Fix ("Sober Edition" Fix):
- Aglab2

- Brodute
- GomeplayTV
- Frauber
- Kaze Emanuar
- Lugmillord
- Skelux

And last but not least, a special thanks to my friends and family for support and motivation!

This game would not have been the same without everything these people provided!
A big thanks to everyone!


*Please note that I DO NOT give anyone permission to sell the patch or a pre-patched version of the ROM in any way
and I DO NOT give anyone permission to share a pre-patched version of the ROM online. Thank you!*

How To Patch:
1. Download and install the latest version of Flips. Found here:
2. Once installed, open Flips application.
3. Click on 'Apply Patch'.
4. Upon the 'Select Patches to Use' prompt, select the patch for 'Super Mario and the Grand Star'.
5. Upon the 'Select File to Patch' prompt, select your legally obtained Super Mario 64 ROM.
6. Upon the 'Select Output File' prompt, select a location to save your patched ROM, and click 'Save'.
7. Load your patched ROM with your emulator of choice.
8. Done!

*Please note that this hack is not intended for console play*


Thank you for playing, and I hope that you all enjoy 'Super Mario and the Grand Star'!
Video Link: Link
Tags: full game story traditional
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