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Mostly Harmless

Super Mario World Hacks → Mostly Harmless

Submission Details

Name: Mostly Harmless
Author: ThirdWall
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: Description

Mostly Harmless is my attempt at making a modern "vanilla" kaizo hack.

It features:
- Quality of life patches such as framerule patch, spin throw patch, cape turnaround patch
- A new version of worldpeace's retry patch courtesy of dtothefourth
- The ability to save on the overworld at any time

This hack is challenging and will test your knowledge of vanilla mechanics. It has a strong focus on platforming, but there is some item abuse required as well.
It has 17 exits plus a final level, all of which are required to beat the game. There are no secrets.

I could not have made this hack without countless people's help. Thank you all for your patience and kindness while I learned.

Tags: music platforming vanilla
Comments: 12 (jump to comments)
5.0 (6 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (12)

zanian Link
I enjoyed the playing of this rom hack
slopcore Link
Amazing hack. I've played it a couple times now and it's a lot of fun
CNaught Link
Just finished this up, fantastic hack. Lots of creative and interesting obstacles and a solid difficulty curve. The open path layout of the world map is really cool, and I quite enjoyed it. Only a few hangup sections for me, but I wouldn't let that affect my overall opinion.

Fantastic job ThirdWall, I'll definitely be revisiting this.
SethOsDotEXE Link
One of the best hacks I have ever played.
A very good mix of fun and creative levels.
I really enjoyed the difficulty of this hack, every level was challenging while still feeling fair.

Great Job ThirdWall.
kingofett Link
This hack was quite challenging and rewarding. Well done ThirdWall.
orka-bln Link
Very creative, very challenging kaizo hack. Loved it from start to finish
Kezcade Link
An incredibly fun game that feels extremely well put together with interesting and fresh level design. Very vanilla but done in interesting ways, this hack actually taught me a handful of things I didn't know about vanilla and it was incredibly fulfilling.

A great way to help end 2020, highly recommended.
JoseLuigi Link
JoseLuigi Link
Evil_Abed Link
This game may be the best hack that came out this year. It's hard, but fun. It's challenging, but fair. Unique tricks all over it! Great job, TW! 5/5 =)
SolveForX Link
YO Been waiting for months in stream. Can't wait to see the boss! #smrpg{y}
B2De Link