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Mega Mole, But Sloped

SMW Sprites → Mega Mole, But Sloped

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 Maarfy Link
A patch was approved that allows making these critters even sillier. To allow the player to slide down this sprite, apply this patch and note the free RAM address it assigns to !SpriteSlopeType. Open sloped_mega_mole.asm, look for the label ".fixride," and insert the following code:

	SEP #$20
	LDA $7D
	BMI .return1
	LDA #$08
	STA !154C,x
	LDA !151C,x	; \ Add this block here
	EOR #$01	; | 
	ASL #2		; | 
	INC		; | 
	ADC #$XX	; | - Change XX to 00 for gradual slope steepness, 01 normal, 02 steep, 03 very steep
	STA $13E6|!addr	; / - Make sure this matches !SpriteSlopeType as it appears in the patch

I recommend "normal" slope steepness, myself.
Aaaaaaaa Link
When I learn how to input custom sprites I'm adding this guy immediately
Brick Wizard Link
that is cursed and awesome to the same time
Weegee Doll Link
aw hell naw who gave mega mole brain damage
BionicWither14 Link
Desert Link
ninj Link
why does this look kinda cute
Thiago678 Link
Matt Link
brain hurts
Pink Gold Peach Link
I have no words.....

Actually i have one word:

Odyssey K. Link
I should make a cursed world and include stuff like this.
mish1 Link

Ziazan Link
i love this, it broke me, i laughed so hard for so long when i saw the preview. Thank you.
0ne_bins211 Link
Spads Link
Brain Damage
LMPuny Link
why has 2020 been the year of cursed resources, what awaits for 2021
olgdeldnem Link
 Kevin Link
Tested with: Lunar Magic 3.21, PIXI 1.31, SA-1 1.32, Snes9x 1.60.
It's a very cool idea, and it seems to work well in all cases I've tested it with, so accepted. Although, there was an issue with Yoshi where if you stood on the lower part of the mole's slope you'd get damaged: changing the act as to $BF in the json file fixed it, giving proper slope interaction also with Yoshi, but I also had to add a check in the hurt subroutine to make it hurt Yoshi (and not Mario) if touching the mole from behind while riding him. This also fixed Yoshi taking damage when the mole is in the friendly or solid state. Next time, remember to properly check for Yoshi.
Note that since my fix uses the new LoseYoshi routine, you need PIXI v1.3.1. If you don't want to update it, just copy the LoseYoshi.asm file from the new version into your version.
 Eevee Link
you monster
HammerBrother Link
Good for hacks that simulate a glitch or surrealism.
 Aram Link
what a horrible day to have eyes
GangsterJerby Link
Me after BONK :O
slopcore Link
ModernKiwi Link
They are victims of a heavy bonk
TheOrangeToad Link
I like them
dogemaster Link
kevin please approve this
 MarkAlarm Link
kevin please approve this
Blizzard Buffalo Link
This is the most cursed stuff from SMW Central ever.
Truxton Link
ya i think big chungus is unfunny
Akaginite Link
best mole sprite ever
 1UPdudes Link
These Sprites are the definition of Suffering.
It's a bizarre take on the original sprite but I can see if having some interesting uses both as Sloped Moles or something else with ExGFX.

(Sloped Moles should never be a phrase one says ever...)

Regardless fantastic work as always Soniku!
 JupiHornet Link
me irl
HammerBrother Link
When Mega moles get layer-2-crushed on the top-corner of their sprite.
KaidenThelens Link
SubconsciousEye Link
absolute perfection
TickTockClock Link
Can't wait to make a train out of this 🚂
mason Link
Incredibly cursed. I'm in love #smw{<3}