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Super Mario World Hacks → Terra

Submission Details

Name: Terra
Author: Dobosco
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 21 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Hey you!

It is now almost a year since I started with this hack. For me, it is unbelievable how fast the time has passed. It's not a secret that I didn't hit the mark with my first hack, but by now, Lunar Magic and I have become good friends and things look a little nicer.

A mix of vanilla and chocolate stuff awaits you in the 21 different themed levels! Hopefully everything works as it should and you have fun! The .bps was playtested on the snes9x emulator.

If a problem should still appear, feel free to write me a pm or leave a comment below!
Tags: asm exgfx music
Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
4.8 (4 ratings)
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Comments (10)

Str4ng3 Link
Really, really good hack. Creative setups, amazing visuals, unique levels, sick boss fights and great soundtrack. I had a blast playing through this game, the only thing I dislike about it is the last exit:

I don't like cannon speed stuff, so the beginning got annoying pretty fast;
I hate the "random shit falling from the sky" type of level in kaizo;
I think that some setups are really dumb and not intuitive (the major one being the coin one in the first half where you have to stall dodging the boulders while the p-switch timer runs off), but that could just be me being dumb;
And overall I just don't think the low gravity gimmick was that enjoyable.

I still think it's a cool level, I just cannot get myself to like it for those reasons.

Cool boss fight tho.

AllexGG Link
Without a doubt a very good hack, beautiful scenery, its gameplay is great, but in the last phase there are some things that could be better positioned, other than that, the hack is great
TokZone Link
very well done good game #w{=P}
zLukaasPvPz Link
I played Demo and Loved this hack i wanna play full game now #smrpg{y}
Dobosco Author Link
@ shovda Hey Shovda, thanks for the quick moderation! The little puzzles above the number rooms were earlier ideas to give away the solution to the code, but decided against it at some point. Originally you had to do a Ceasar Cypher, a Subnetting code, a Sudoku, and the QR code puzzle which leads to a Morse code, but decided against it at some point as it was a bit too much. It took me a few hours to puzzle most of the ideas and tiles together, so I left them above the level.

The shell jump level was originally intended as a little bonus level in the first demo version, but I removed it in the second demo version because I found it a bit embarrassing hehe. Since the level doesn't have an exit either, it wasn't removed completely.

Thanks again for fast moderation! It made me really happy!
 shovda Link
Hi. I've found the QR codes and the additional puzzles above the secret ghost house rooms. I, uhh, what is happening lmao.

Edit: AmperSam, dtothefourth, and I figured out the puzzles above the ghost house sublevels. Just making sure, they're supposed to lead to the same solutions as the readily given ones below, right?

Is there a way to access the shell-jump level and the resulting QR-code room leading to without just sending Mario there via an overworld edit?
zLukaasPvPz From older version: Terra Link
Very good hack
katun24 From older version: Terra Link
Great work, I especially love the theming and the overworld design in this hack. Just keep in mind that detailed visuals can be distracting for kaizo levels - I had some small issues with this in some of the later levels. I recommend having a bigger contrast between background and foreground there, and in some levels (the factory level with the bats especially) I constantly hesitated because some of the background tiles look solid when they're not. The swamp level was a bit blind due to the speed of the platform - I recommend having some more indicators there. Overall the gimmicks and level design are very neat. Keep it up!
NikSik1 From older version: Terra Link
This demo is absolutely fantastic. Of course there are 2 or 3 sections that are a bit wacky. But every section in this hack has a consistent strategy which is why I loved it so much. Keep up the good work for the final release.
katun24 From older version: Terra Link
Unfortunately this seems broken on the Super NT atm, in level 4 the keyblock wall above the part where you ride the saw for the key + p-switch isn't removed when you touch it with the key. Other keyblock walls behave normally, but that one is broken. I tried resetting but it had no effect. Please pm me if you want more details or a clip.

Otherwise, really nice hack so far!

Edit: I figured it may well have to do with the keyblocks being adjacent to the brown blocks. Maybe put them an extra tile apart. I can test it out on the NT if you want.