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    Some Adventuring Music

    Música para SMW → Some Adventuring Music

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    Detalhes da Submissão

    Nome: Some Adventuring Music
    Autor: VecchiaZim
    Tamanho de Inserção: 0x0FD0 bytes
    Tipo: Canção
    Utilização de Sample: Nenhuma
    Fonte: Original
    Duração: 2:12
    Em Destaque: Não
    Descrição: March tempo, knights-on-horseback vibe. Probably best for ships, castles, forests. After famicompo, I added a second half, which is...different, but I think still fits with the first half.
    Visualização: Tocar SPC
    Marcadores: airship castle forest grassland ruins ship town
    Comentários: 3 (pular para comentários)
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    Download 33,99 KiB | 113 downloads

    Comentários (3)

    VecchiaZim Author Link
    Thanks Far. If you're interested in hearing the first 5 seconds of it over and over, Team Jank used this for their overworld music in R-ack. #tb{^V^}
    Faro Link
    This is indeed some nice adventuring music. Great Job!
    brickblock369 Link
    Nice to have some music compositions like this. A few optimization notes to point out:

    -Do not have a long tie of r1s, especially if you exceed 3 r1 ties. Loop them as r2, as r1 is technically speaking, r2^2, which is a bit bigger than the usual single note/rest. If you have 7 r2 or more, then that's a sign that you should start looping them.
    -There are a few instances where you can double-bracket loop a big chunk of notes and then single-bracket looping a smaller chunk of notes inside that double-bracketed area in order to recall that single-bracket loop with an asterisk or numbered label. Like the third-to-last line of #5 and #6 for example.

    But from what I've tested, it only saved around 90 bytes which isn't really much, so I'm letting it through.