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Puzzles For Yoshis

Super Mario 64 Hacks → Puzzles For Yoshis

Submission Details

Name: Puzzles For Yoshis
Author: usernamesarentimportant
Version History: View
Difficulty: Easy
Demo: No
Length: 39 star(s)
Description: (Mod's Note: To be played on with Jabo's video plugin, does work on RetroArch [with Parallel N64] but with visual glitches on Yoshi and certain other items)

Yoshi's Adventure 96 - Puzzles For Yoshis

Prior to returning Oil Valley to its rightful owner, Yoshi had another run in with an accomplice of a crime. Someone who doesn't like him very much and enjoys experimentation.

18 Stars + 20 Secrets Stars + 1 Bonus Star
Video Link: None
Tags: gimmick glitch linear non-platformer puzzle story yoshi
Download 3.47 MiB | 516 downloads


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