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Mario In Mushroom Rix Land 2 Gimmicky Island

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario In Mushroom Rix Land 2 Gimmicky Island

Submission Details

Name: Mario In Mushroom Rix Land 2 Gimmicky Island
Author: Enan63
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 13 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: The sequel to the first Mario In Mushroom Rix Land game. The story follows after the first Mushroom Rix Land game, Bowser has just escaped with his Clown Cart from Rix Land. He took all resources, from his Rix Land castle. And took them to make his very own island called Gimmicky! And build all the death traps, spikes and more! Mario must stop him! Before the Gimmicky island gets more bigger and bigger and destroy the world!!
Tags: asm gimmick music traditional vanilla
Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
4.3 (4 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (10)

Ezel Link
I played the third part before, so I thought I'd try this one out too, and uhh... for me that hack was a huge hit or miss.

It starts out pretty decently and the levels seem to be polished and they all had decent flow. They might have been a bit repetitive at times, but I had fun with them. Falcon Punch was probably my favorite level out of all, while it had a few blind jumps here and there, the use of the punching gloves was unique and it was funny to see Mario being sent into the sky with a platform. Babysit My Item was also a neat level, and it stood out from the rest of the hack.

The final stretch is unfortunately where the hack falls apart, but before it I spent a ton of lives and had to savestate on the overworld to avoid a game over in the second half of Groovy TNT. That level was actually fun in the first half, but the second section was not just significantly harder, but it also lagged so hard that a lot of the jumps felt borderline like luck because your inputs can easily get eaten by the slowdown. Not sure what causes it, but that paired with relatively trial and error gameplay made it a very frustrating experience.

Not too long after that we reach the final castle and I normally wouldn't mind it but the level is not just really long, but the gameplay is very "die to learn". Sometimes you can't see what's ahead and you have to just wing it, often ending up with a death because you didn't know how to react to the next obstacle. This paired with the sheer length of the rooms made the level not fun at all.

Overall I think this hack started out pretty good and it had some highlights, and some levels that I actually liked a lot, but the hack suffers from excessive blind jumps that make the gameplay pretty trial and error, especially at the end. It's also quite hard for it's "Hard" rating, I could see some people arguing it's "Very hard" instead.
troyfullbuster Link
This got me into rom hacks and started my journey into recording more and learning kaizo stuff!
Nicoke42 Link
I had fun in some levels, I feel there's some unnecessary repetition of pretty similar obstacles that prolong sections a bit too much. Other levels are pretty aggravating, I had to stop playing in the second half of the TNT level because of the worst slowdown I've seen, ever, + a gimmick I really don't enjoy.

The difficulty was somewhat irregular which I don't mind but the hack would have probably benefited of a steady climb in challenge.

I would agree that it's "very hard" and instant retry would be a plus.
Virus610 Link
Naw, dude.

This is easily listed as one, if not two difficulty levels too low for what it is. There's no chance that this is only 'Hard'.

Much of the hack lands squarely in Very Hard territory, with a few spots that are really not reasonable without requiring some memorization of particularly nasty bits. (And in my opinion, the difficulty listed should be that of the highest difficulty level of a hack)

Bowser's Castle really drove the nail into the coffin for me. It's long and unforgiving, requiring really precise inputs with extraordinary reaction times (Or foresight gained from forced trial-and-error gameplay, which pushes things into Kaizo territory).

With that said, there were some levels that were really enjoyable.

- Babysit My Sprite was really cleverly made, and remarkably forgiving, compared to the rest of the hack. This was definitely my favourite stage.

- The first half of Groovy TNT was pretty nicely done, but the second half really ramped up the difficulty in a way that felt out of place.

- In Thwimp is a Wimp, one of the very first jumps of the stage is just broken. 80% of the time, I don't get enough height off the note block and just fall and die. I mean... Really??

This hack had some good parts, for sure, but there was too much "Why" for me to enjoy it, regardless of the difficulty. This being rated only 'Hard' is really the big bamboozle, though. I don't agree with that even slightly.

I gave up on Bowser's Castle after a few shots at the third sublevel after the midpoint, because honestly that is just excessive. Too much foresight required, and without a second midpoint, it just strikes me as unfair and uninteresting.
Metballs Link
Pretty great hack! Definitely enjoyed this one a lot more than the previous hack because this one actually does give you a reasonable amount of lives. Though, I do agree that the difficulty should be standard:very hard instead considering how trial and error heavy the later levels get
Zavok Link
Great Hack
Mohmad20zx Link
These levels are crazy cool
 Aram Link
Originally posted by DrQuadriple
Judging from the screenshots you've provided, wouldn't it be better to classify it as Kaizo Light?

I've played this. Not really-
This hack is fair enough to not be considered Kaizo, there aren't any gimmicks other than what you see in the levels.
Funkymario Link
No retry patch?? The hack looks fun and I'd like to play it but not like that :( please add a retry patch
DrQuadriple Link
Judging from the screenshots you've provided, wouldn't it be better to classify it as Kaizo Light?

Other than that, this hack looks very promising; keep up the great work!