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SM64 - Nuveta Adventure DEMO

Super Mario 64 Hacks → SM64 - Nuveta Adventure DEMO

Submission Details

Name: SM64 - Nuveta Adventure DEMO
Author: Bizfurd
Difficulty: Intermediate
Demo: Yes
Length: 14 star(s)
Description: Bowser's tired of dealing with Princess Peach and Mario, so he's invaded the Nuveta Kingdom instead! Their ruler and many of their citizens have been captured, and the kingdom is falling into chaos. Mario, hoping to relax for once, has been called into action with a distress signal. Join Mario and save the Nuveta Kingdom for Bowser's infernal clutches!

This is a demo for SM64 - Nuveta Adventure. This hack is a very traditional-style Mario 64 hack, and I hope you all enjoy it!

UPDATE: Changed the original ROM from a .n64 file to a .z64 file, so it should work now!
Video Link: None
Tags: music traditional
Download 3.67 MiB | 643 downloads


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