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Super Luigi 64: The Flower Cup

Super Mario 64 Hacks → Super Luigi 64: The Flower Cup

Submission Details

Name: Super Luigi 64: The Flower Cup
Author: usernamesarentimportant
Difficulty: Hard
Demo: No
Length: 166 star(s)
Description: A visit to a small town, Luigi finds himself the main rogue in a murder! He must follow the shadow to a strange fortress, one he recognizes vaguely. Through the various paintings created in front of him, Luigi must escape the fortress to solve the mystery, catch the culprit, and stop the--

This is the sequel/remake to Luigi & The Violet Stars. This does not invalidate Violet Stars at all, and if you enjoy that hack more, that's perfectly okay!

Thanks, -Spiders.
Video Link: None
Tags: asm large level luigi music objects original objects story
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