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Caveat Emptor 2

Super Mario World Hacks → Caveat Emptor 2

Submission Details

Name: Caveat Emptor 2
Author: ElohssaYtrid
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: A gimmick-heavy chocolate hack that doesn't take itself too seriously. This has a free-roam overworld so if any of the gimmicks don't jive with your style you don't have to grind through that level having no fun to get to the others.

Some tricks are moderately difficult, especially if you aren't used to the gimmick, but all of the levels are fairly short (30-45 seconds) with a checkpoint, so you're never far from achieving a bit of progress!


- Ported and/or custom (from SMWC) Music, BG, and FG in every level.
- Multiple gimmicks, including 2 forms of reversed gravity, double jumps, wall jumps, throw block shooter with motor skills, sticky ceiling, etc.
- Several custom sprites and blocks.
- 1 whole boss fight, there had to technically be an "ending," right?
- Need a break from playing SMW? Just play the rocket level and be a rocket for a little bit!
- Stale me-me's
- Probably plenty of things to complain about if you enjoy complaining
- A lot of small details that hopefully somebody notices other than myself

Here's a video of the hack in case anything is not making sense:

V 1.10:

Reworked camera in 5 levels to feel less "bouncy," and improve setup readability:
--Stanky Sewer
--Physics Schmysics
--Head in the Clouds
--New Spin on the Block

Removed background on the Tutorial to make the text easier to read.

Added a pipe before the boss level that requires clearing the other 9 levels to pass, to provide more of an actual end goal.

Minor changes in 2 levels to make setups more intuitive:
--Head in the Clouds
--Flip Flop

Also changed the "Neutral blocks" in Flip Flop to allow holding Y/X without them going solid, since sprinting is kinda important ;)

Reworked 2nd half of Stanky Sewer to be, imo, more engaging.

**Sidenote: Quite close to completion, I managed to delete the .txt I was tracking my credits in and tried to trace back who I needed to credit through a combination of my browsing history and my memory. It's very likely I missed some folks who deserve credit. If I missed you - I'm sorry about that and please contact me so I can fix that :)
Tags: asm bosses exgfx gimmick music
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Comments (3)

ElohssaYtrid Author From older version: Caveat Emptor 2 Link
PSA: This version of the hack uses the PogChamp emote in the post-title screen intro level. I've already pushed out an update removing it, but it will be in the waiting files until it's moderated. If you intend to stream it, please use the update from waiting files. I'd also like to state that until yesterday I had no idea who Gootecks even was, nor how much of a trashcan human being he is. It was never my intention to support any of his Q BS. I apologize for not putting more effort into researching whose image I was using.
ElohssaYtrid Author Link
You're definitely right! This one is just an update to remove the usage of PogChamp in the intro level after the title screen due to recent events in the US. While there are tweaks I may make later for a final version, the extenuating circumstances involved here compelled me to not wait on submitting an update before removing those GFX. Thank you for the kind words :)
TheMURAmatsu Link
Hi! Aren't you better off making all the adjustments and finally releasing a definitive version? I see that you've already sent several updates. It can be exhausting for the moderator to have to play several times without an end. Just a tip. Anyway, good job!