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Sicari Remastered

Super Mario World Hacks → Sicari Remastered

This file contains crude language. Discretion is advised.

Submission Details

Name: Sicari Remastered
Author: Eevee
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 68 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: The final version of Sicari Remastered (bar any bugfixes I may do)

Thousands of years ago, there was a war between the Gods of creation. Due to its effect on the mortal plane, the Gods were forced to punish themselves - to prevent such a thing from happening again. As such, they were all but cut off from the mortal world, with little to no influence, leading humanity to lose their faith.

However, one group survived the thousands of years that passed after the war - the Sanguis vampire family. Their goal across those millennia was to undo the binding that their patron deity, Niscura was under. They wanted the Goddess of Dimensions and Shadow to be free again...

...and they succeeded.

there's a bit of sensitive content here and there in the hack so do keep that in mind when playing

I also suggest you don't play this in Zsnes. Though the hack works in it, you will encounter a bunch of graphical oddities such as layer 3 derping in some levels.

Tags: asm bosses crude language custom character exgfx health music non-mario sicari traditional
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Comments (45)

AnkisethTheMonk Link
Ambitious hack. A lot to like and also a lot of tripping over its own feet.

Music choices are mostly solid. Lot of custom tracks. Graphically very cool and impressive at times but other times it's a huge pain to differentiate background from foreground. I strongly disliked how frequently levels would darken the bottom of the screen, it often made floors impossible to see on my setup.

There are two characters but at the end of the day I want to play a Mario romhack so I generally used Sicari. Losing the ability to run and spin-jump with K-16 just wasn't worth it when the only upside is infinite fireball. There are a ton of enemies who aren't affected by K-16's shots anyway.

Lot of complaints about the bosses on SMW Central reviews. I didn't mind any of them too much but none were amazing. It was annoying to learn the patterns of 2 or 3 of them and the boss rush was also annoying but not so annoying that I wanted to stop playing. Low bar maybe. Actual level design ranged from decent to great with only a small number of "what were they thinking"s. I didn't enjoy the Ditzy (?)/autorun levels at all. It's not fun to lose control pretty much ever and it was too easy to barely brush an obstacle and instantly die. Not hip on how many levels used Mega Man-style appearing blocks. It was nice that they were solid even when invisible though. The pink tightrope things in one of the Bonus Chapter levels were very bad. They gave 0 useful visual information, it could have been an invisible floor and the enemies would telegraph where the floor is the exact same way except minus the visual confusion.

Took just shy of 5 hours to complete. Video of playthrough:
cooolgamer Link
I really love the story, background, theme, bgm, well, everything!
This is the best rom hack I ever played!
PolterGhost Link
Figured since I spent the past few hours on streaming this romhack, it was worth commenting on.

Meh romhack with poor level designs on the average. Some of the levels are interesting, but a lot of it just ends up being various annoying 1 block jumps or some navigation around spiked enemies or Chucks. Post-game levels range from mildly interesting gimmicks to just a splash of paint thrown over a normal design. Levels often include enemies that are nearly unavoidable and force you to damage boost through them, like the sword-throwers or the walls of fliers. Various levels include darkness that covers the bottom of the screen, which makes the floor nearly unreadable and can cause regular deaths.

Buggy collision caused by changing out sprites and tiles cause the game to be far more difficult than it should be. Some enemies cause you damage even if you spin jump off of them, and the means by which the wall jump functions causes weird tile grabs that can cause near-misses on jumps.

Two characters, but the robot feels completely out of place. Her bullets, even when charged, damage hardly any enemies, often only hurting those that don't get in your way as often. Her lack of P-Speed and Spin Jump make her a massive liability when compared to the assassin or wizard characters.

Graphically, the game ranges from looking sad to looking great. Sprites in general are a miss, some tilesets look fantastic. Musically, a lot of the choices feel off, but there's some really good choice bangers in there (Including Megami Tensei 2 of all things?) Overall game design is fairly linear with some extra minigame exits to find and two switch palaces (they make the game slightly easier, but aren't required for anything.) Bosses are unique, and they're rather fair and interesting for SMW bosses.

There's a lot of lore tossed at the player that feels like a dead end in terms of presentation, in that it's there but it's meaningless outside of the opening scrawl of "Evil Vampire Goddess attacks your world!" The lore-based levels are probably some of the more interesting ones, which makes the dead ends in the story feel more egregious. The characters are primarily uninteresting and shout things at you like "I'll eat you!" and are generally just there to be boss enemies.

Overall, this is probably like a 3/5 for me. It's definitely playable and it's definitely not the worst, but it's not really going down in history for me as one of the most prolific hacks of all time that I need to replay. Hoping the sequel is better designed.
Folklore Link
Difficulty: easy. Also, I love when people add walljump, but you barely even need to use it.
RockBogard Link
One of the best hacks! Impressive job
Ezel Link
This hack has a lot of thought and effort put into it, and there's a lot of things to love about it such as the visuals, the levels being really well built around both characters, and it having a really well executed theme. I had a lot of fun playing through it, although there's a couple issues I personally noticed:

- I think the bosses can be a bit unfair at times, most notably the wizard which can spawn on top of you, and land cheap hits if you're not paying attention. I also though that the later bosses teleport around a bit too much, making the fights slightly annoying at times. This wasn't that big of a deal normally, but it was more noticeable during the boss rush. Some attacks might have been telegraphed a bit better, but it's not a big deal
- The pink conveyor-like blocks in the third bonus level weren't explained very well IMO. I feel like they work like tightrope, but they don't fully work like it... I had a hard time understanding how they work and I just tried to wing it by either moving as little as possible on them, or by bouncing off enemies
- A few levels, most notably the palaces have very little color contrast, making moving around a little confusing at times, as it may be difficult to distinguish foreground and background at times. That one might be on me though, but I had for example a hard time noticing the doors in the chapter 5 palace

Apart from these issues I think this hack is a great time and it also has a good amount of challenge without feeling too overwhelming. The way you made the levels playable with both characters without it feeling like a slog was really interesting and it's a concept that's not easy to execute well, so good job on that. Looking forward to the sequel!
Odyssey K. Link
Wow! this looks amazing! #smw{:TUP:}

... this really deserves more attention #smw{¬_¬}
snes-blogger Link
It's amazing, no votes, no comments? What is going on :D ?
Great custom graphics, really feels like a different game, not just a hack. Design overall is well done and consistent.
I'll try putting it on a cartridge.
I hope to see more from you :)
Retro Master HD Link
This Hack has been released on the day of my Birthday. I really look forward to playing this Hack. #tb{:]}.
marathonx From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
Sicari Remastered is a hack that everyone should play. It's challenging, gorgeous, and stupidly creative. Even though it took me a while to get used to the different graphics and sprites, it truly felt like I was playing an entirely new game and not a SMW ROM hack. Had I not played or seen this before, I would have been fooled if someone told me they bought this game on Steam - it looks that good.

Similar to Daizo and their thoughts, I definitely agree that some hotboxes were less than favorable, and the bosses were incredibly challenging - having some indication of how much progress you were making in the fights would have been helpful; i.e. color changes or a health bar.

The post-game levels were so much fun, too. They had nothing to do with the story, but still provided a great experience and showed off some super cool ideas.

This is an incredible hack/game and you owe it to yourself to play it.

Astounding work, Eevee!
Daizo Dee Von From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
Sicari Remastered is hands down one of the most detailed ROM Hacks I've played to date, and it deserves to be in my favourites list. Not only did Eevee take Sicari, an already impressive game from 2013, and made it even better by taking out some questionable levels and improving what was already there, but also adding in brand new levels and bosses that makes "Remake or Rebreak" blush (a definite replace!)

One key thing I wanna mention that I've noticed that has been heavily improved from the original "Sicari" and even "K-16: Story of Steel" is how many out-of-the-way secrets there are. If something is just slightly off-screen, or if a certain wall looks slightly off, chances are something is hiding there. That's what I've enjoyed the most; you'll never know what you'll find when taking your time to explore the many levels that's there. I know this isn't something that those who played any JUMP Team project or the recent Kaizo hacks are worried about, but this is a big deciding factor on what is considered as part of my favourite ROM Hacks.

Some of you might've not realized the "1-UP" text has an animated "shine" that plays.

I've recorded a whole series where I played all the Sicari related games if you want to check it out. Sure, some of the bosses are on the hard side. Sure, a select few levels haven't aged the best. Sure, a few of the enemies have questionable hitboxes (the flame-gaiser enemies in particular). However, that only makes up like 10% of the experience at most, which is still a good 90% or more of a game that you will enjoy.

The difficulty does not lie, if you're looking for a hard traditionally-designed hack that starts out at a slight easy-medium and really ends on hard (the fair kind), then you will enjoy Sicari Remastered. There's a lot to respect, and while it's not a perfect experience, there is a reason Sicari Remastered is praised. Well done, Eevee.

(Also, if you're a lore geek like me, you'll also appreciate the universe it builds.)
Diegpe From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
THE BEST HACKROM!!#smw{:peace:}
Ah_Roon From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
I like your hack! Especially Graphics, many playable characters, and improved boss than the original.
 Pokemon Hacker From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
LasFas From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
I haven't logged on to this site in very nearly 10 years. (crap, I'm getting older...)

I did so exclusively to rate this hack, and say how fantastic and fun of an experience it has been.

Utterly fantastic work. Even if it's not SMWhacks, please keep creating in the future!
2YJ Wonsi From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
Great SMW Hack!
 Eevee Author From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
Thank you very much o:
SMW Physicist From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
This hack was absolutely beautiful and well thought out. Not many hacks allow the player to get emotionally attached to the character(s) which makes it even better. Some of the custom bosses were a pain though... I give this a wonderful 96%!
korrina567 From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
korrina567 From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
Ultima From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
Alright, while I may not really give many reviews on hacks or even play hacks anymore, I must say, this hack definitely caught my attention, for a good reason. Wanna know what it is?


*ahem* Back to what I actually want to say...

This hack, well, there's not much to say about it that hasn't been said before; it's got a great and fairly intricate storyline, really creative graphics and characters, great gameplay (especially like K-16's playstyle, since I'm pretty much a sucker for Megaman gameplay; kinda wished there were more characters with different playstyles and didn't just have Sicari (A.K.A Mario)'s style of gameplay tho), and pretty fitting music (there's even some unreleased ports too like Izuna's Flying Battery port and Slash Man's MM7-styled Sheep Man port; I guess I'll assume you got the source MML files through PM or some other means of contact? kinda wished you used at least one of my ports tho D:) so yep, all around solid hack. 5/5


Hasuo From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
Amazing From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
I'm new on this board but just wanted to drop and comment to say how incredible this SMW hack is! Thanks so much for the amazing work on this!! :D I look forward to more SMW hacks from you and sequels to this also! :)
FedoraFriday From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
Gratz on having Carl play through this! :P I hope this hack gets the attention it deserves
Final Theory From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
Here is a video playthrough. Not bad.
Hiro-sofT From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
Despite some of its rough edges, this is mainly a very well designed diamond of the SMW ROM hacking scene. Preparing an in-depth review. Would rate this hack a solid 4.9 out of 5 if I could. Great work! Never enjoyed an hack that much like this one.
EddyCartoon From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
Easily the best hack I've played in a long time. Keep up the good work!
juzcook From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
Honestly the most impressive hack I have ever played, and I can't believe it runs on console. The extra levels after the main game were especially fun. Thanks for all of the hard work and the amazing artwork!
Giwiyoserdo From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
FedoraFriday From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
Will be streaming this eventually!
Lumy From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
 Hooded Edge From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
It's been years since I played the original Sicari and, oh boy, that was a lot of fun to play originally. Hearing that there was gonna be a remake, I had to check out the first two demos. Now we have the final version.


- Gameplay -
Unlike the original, you can play as two characters, Sicari & K-16, each of them having their unique control scheme. Sicari plays exactly like Mario with the max speed, spin jump, and swim ability. K-16 plays more like... Mega Man, I would say. She can shoot plasma bullets (as it says in the game) and if you gain the power item (fire flower with different gfx), you can charge up your blaster and shoot a mega plasma bullet that will zoom past your enemies. The difficulty is just about right for the most part, starting from easy and going to the hardest. I did have trouble completing the first level of the sixth world, which is my only problem, but I think it's just that I don't have enough skill.

- Story -
A well-written story and better than the original. Although I still wish there was a little bit more of a backstory to all of the characters other than Sicari. I wouldn't want to spoil the story to those who haven't even played the original or this.

- Music -
Something I shouldn't really judge, but it can get on my nerves. I wish there was a bigger library of songs, instead of having many of them be reused over and over again. But there were tracks that have not been uploaded onto SMWCentral. There's an amazing Flying Battery Sampled Remix for the "Death is Above" stage. There were a good amount of songs in this romhack, but I wish there were more since "Pastel Wind" was reused just about four times.

- What makes this rom special? -
There were many tweaks and touches made to the game, such as the sound effects, visual effects, and even boss battles. These boss battles are completely original and not ones you grab from the sprites page here and change the graphics.

These boss fights got hard so on, but that's just telling you that this game isn't f**king around with you. These are probably the best boss fights I have seen in any SMW romhack, by far. Even the player graphics for Sicari got changed up in some of the levels.

All of the graphics are original and took a lot of hard work into drawing these graphics. All the sprites, tiles, and even the backgrounds look stunning and make the setting of the level have a specific tone to it.

- Things to be aware of -
* There is some cursing and some blood and would not recommend it to those who find these things displeasing.
* Layer 3 Graphics did glitch in a couple of levels when I was playing this rom on ZSNES. If I were you, I would do the latest version of SNES9X or the SNES9X core for those using Retroarch.
* I don't know about you, but I highly recommend playing this with a controller. I know a lot of you probably play these games with a keyboard and that's fine, but since you got two characters with two different styles of gameplay and a controller is great for such thing.

- Overall -
This is an amazing romhack that I recommend to all players.
- Lovable characters.
- Amazing Soundtrack (Flying Battery especially)
- All-new graphics.
- Well-written story.
- Made-from-scratch bosses.
- A good difficulty for the game.

Eevee spent a lot of time on this project and deserves a lot of our thanks and such. I do hope she can possibly make a remake of "K-16 - The Story of Steel".
Wind Fish From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
Really? Goddammit!
 Eevee Author From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
Thanks for the feedback! Though just so ya know, you can skip the game over screen by pressing start lol
Wind Fish From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
* Changeable characters from the later hacks of the series.
* Improved graphics.
* Most levels are pretty fun.
* The secret levels expand on gameplay ideas from the previous level.
* Removal of knock back damage from the original hack.
* Interesting music choices
* Compatibility with accurate emulators.

* There are quite a few levels that rely on generators for artificial difficultly.
* The custom bosses look interesting visually, but aren't fun to fight.
* The Game Over screen has a really long jingle. This increases the wait time before the player can resume playing.
 Blind Devil From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
Let me start this review with a backstory of mine.

The first time I knew about this project was years ago, when I wasn't that active on SMWC. And despite never having played the old Sicari and K-16 hacks, I just judged it as a "meh, another remake, I don't like remakes so I'll pass"... until I actually gave a chance because I realized my point doesn't really stand any value - even less considering that I didn't know anything about the author's works. So yep I'm sorry for that.

Now, the actual review. I had a wonderful time playing this hack, and it's been a long while since the last time this happened. It's beautifully done. Special honorary mentions for the original story and custom graphics. I know how hard it is to draw tilesets, sprites, and player graphics. And holy cow... the author did it, more than once! Because there are more than one custom characters! And all graphics are top-notch, don't clash at all, and can serve as a source of inspiration for other artists out there.

I liked a lot the level design overall despite a few times I went full of rage. I'd only complain about a few places having hard to dodge enemies, or precise sections in which you make a mistake and die. However, they were all possible to do with a little bit of patience and extra effort, meaning that even though I was mad, I wasn't frustrated, because the whole game content was great.

Music was something that I expected to hear in the game. Songs are great overall, but it irked me sometimes when the pitch of sound effects was affected, for example, as well as the songs themselves being kinda popular. And me imagining how even greater this hack would be with a completely custom soundtrack, of course, because I always do so. Anyway, yeah, no one knows everything in the world so I can't simply demand stuff from anyone. Summing up - songs are great, fitting, so props for picking good choices.

And now the ASM. Aside from the boss battle I designed, all the effects, little touches, and other boss fights were pulled off amazingly. I've only had trouble with the mage one because projectiles are fast and hard to dodge due to bad timing most of the times. Other than that, the player having a health counter really helped in this aspect so the player can overcome challenges easily with the multiple hits benefit.

During the whole gameplay, I ve found just two small issues which I reported directly to Eevee and they aren't really relevant to this review because these will get fixed, so I'll just finish this review saying once again that I had a blast with this. And that this is the best example of what people can achieve when putting love, real effort and dedication when it comes to SMW hacking. Congratulations for this project, Eevee! It's a 5/5 from me, and that's the first time I rate a hack with that score!
IanBoy From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
another reason why zsnes is still a good emulator

Oh yeah, I have been waiting for this. No idea when I want to check it out though.
Spaghetto From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
People saying the Slow down issues can be fixed by increasing the memory from 100 to 150 in the Zsnes config if you use that emulator
 Sayuri From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
I'm not too good at reviewing hacks but I can give some thoughts at least!

The levels are all pretty linear, which is personally my thing, so I didn't mind. Definitely a turnoff for those that like big open levels with multiple pathways and lots of secrets to find and explore for. The game has a good difficulty curve until around the middle of world 3, where I felt like the precise jumps started to ramp up - I don't mean stuff like trying to land in a spot between two munchers (which is not here thankfully), but instead I noticed a lot of single tile jumps over bottomless pits, which was especially apparent in the final world. One jump in particular was really annoying and stuck out to me: it was jumping onto a platform that falls after you touch it. Jump on it from one side, and get to the other side AND jump from the now-falling platform to safety on the right. This took me many tries and it could just be me being bad, someone like lolyoshi could probably do that jump while on a morning stroll through the park...

One other thing I have to say is the bosses. I enjoy the fact that they're custom made and not shameless graphical swaps of dahnamics bosses, which I admit I'm guilty of doing myself. But a few of them stuck out for the wrong reasons to me, and they were the wizard and Niscura. The main problem was the projectiles. They have patterns, they're not completely random, but often they're asking too much of the player in terms of reaction time. This especially holds true for the wizard, whose magical blue laser ball things got extremely frustrating after a while, and I just gave up and started spamming savestates... even then it still took some time. Niscura has relatively the same problem, and the area you're able to move around in is rather compact. There are open spaces at the top-left and top-right, but they're blocked off to the player, I guess to either make the fight harder or allowing that would mess with the sprite somehow? Niscura also has a kind of shield that lowers after a few seconds of dodging her attacks. I get why it's there, so players can't spam hits and finish in 20 seconds, but man, trying not to lose my powerup while dodging the attacks during her shield phases was almost as annoying as the wizard guy's.

All that said, this is a great game that offers some variety with the three playable characters, and linear but enjoyable levels. I'm glad I liked this after years of watching it progress.
Klug From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
Let's get it on!
Sariel From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
Sicari remastered...

where to start? I guess i should mention some flaws first:

- The hack has several parts, where the emulator slows down, because of sprite-overload. This is nothing game-breaking, but it can be quite annoying at some parts, especially when you are just jumping over a pit and then the game speed suddenly slows down and fastens again.
- Sometimes the graphics "hurt" themselves. For examples some question blocks are red, but for the frames you hit them they are blue, before they turn red again. You´ve told me you cannot change that, but it´s still something, that makes the hack a little bit less perfect. Also some weird Layer-3-interactions when you insert a key in a keyhole, though you´ve tried to circumvent this in many cases.
- After i´ve played 68 exits within a few hours i´ve noticed that many Levels have these S-constructions where you walk forth, then back and then forth again, so you can continue. They are usually just minor parts of the levels, so they don´t influence the gameplay too much, but it´s something that stood out to me, so i thought i should mention it, so you can improve on this for your next hack.
- The placements of some powerups are questionable. Why do you give me a heart-container of the end of a stage, if i start the next level full live either way? Well, it´s nothing game-breaking either, but sometimes quite nonsensical.

Apart from that, there´s not much wrong with this hack. Is has a good difficulty-curve, some well hidden, sweet secrets and plays decently. Hm, i think i should mention the phenomenal graphics the author drew all himself but who the f*** cares about aesthetics.

Even if the minor flaws (especially the slowdowns) are sometimes a bitter taste, i think i still can fully recommend playing this hack.
Dark Mario Bros From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
I've wait so long for it, now it's going to be worth all the support i could give.
(even if i'm not good to give feedback or something, but i'm always saying to keep up, you know how it is :3)
Wieus96 From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
Here we go!
 Erik From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
This was a fun experience! I definitely appreciate more a hack with an original story and which introduces new mechanics. Every ability got introduced nicely and the difficulty progresses really well. I didn't find any issue, so that's also a plus; this was solidly tested. If I had to complain about something though, it would be the fact that this hack seems to rely a bit too much in kicker Koopas and, to a lesser extent disco shells. Still, this didn't really affect my experience and would reccomend this hack to anyone searching for a hack with an unique touch.
CidYoshi From older version: Sicari Remastered Link
So the new Demo is finally out, and oh boy it was worth the waiting, and also worth returning to this place.

So this new Demo. It really improves over the last one, and really shows how much more the complete game has over the older one. Heck, one could argue the demo alone is superior the the old game!! Yes, that good it is.

The graphics, which may not make a game, but are still the first thing you notice, are very beutifully carved, and just looking at it all is a nice experience. The music is this as well, and is important to note how much original (or maybe less known) soundtracks it has around. Even if you liked some of the older picks, you will still like the ones this time. And the gameplay is exactly what do you expect from a well done SMW hack, so don't expect bad here.

It still requires some polish, but this could really pass with flying colors.

Definetly Eevee level of quality. You keep impressing the community. Keep it up!!