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Total Jotary World

Super Mario World Hacks → Total Jotary World

This file is obsolete. The latest version is Total Jotary World. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Name: Total Jotary World
Author: Narcologer
Version History: View
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 15 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: New demo version of the SMW romhack Total Jotary World appears on C3. Its content has high fighting spirit and filled with challenging levels and JoJo references.
The list of innovations is as follows:
- Major graphics update; little remains of the original.
- Lots of new levels, some of which include tricky gimmicks made both with the original mechanics and new blocks, sprites, UberAsm and hex edits.
- At the end of each level there is a battle, from which you need to emerge victorious to complete the level. In addition to battles with groups of enemies, there are 6 unique bosses with fighting-styled intro.
- And also music, patches, overworld, enemies, etc.

UPDATE 16.01: Did a ton of layout fixes, reskinned Jotary (again), added some cool effects and improved last boss.
Tags: asm bosses enemies exgfx gimmick jojo music
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Comments (8)

LordDarkScythe Link
One of the first ROM Hacks to be played on my new FXPAK Pro. Plays great, lots of fun. Would recommend.
MycoLofi Link
Easily one of my favorite hacks. Beautiful work fancy mammal <3
papyrus074 Link
what is the name of the music of the first and second level
viniciuskombat From older version: Total Jotary World Link
jojo reference 10/10
blueribbonhighlife From older version: Total Jotary World Link
Very fun levels, good challenge level for category, nice custom bosses. Lots of good chocolate including some nice custom enemies!
Roy_Maluco From older version: Total Jotary World Link
Muito bom boas músicas diferentes boss diferentes,roupa do Mario diferente adorei nunca tinha visto essas cores roxo e verde e vermelho e amarelo no Mario .
Nota 10 👏👏
Royal_ish From older version: Total Jotary World Link
This was a nice and short demo. I am interested in more so I will keep a look out. The mini-bosses were cool, though it would be nice to remove the one hit killing with the fireball. Just a suggestion.
Keep it up and can't wait for me!
Edit. I forgot to add that I would consider this normal difficulty, not hard. I just started back up playing SMW and rom-hacks after years of not playing. I beat this in about 30 minutes. Noting too hard,but still challenging and fun.
 1UPdudes From older version: Total Jotary World Link
After moderating this I can say the hack is a short and sweet experience that was fun to play.
Each level has a small boss fight to it so if you like hacks that keep challenging you all the way to a levels end then I recommend giving it a play.

#smrpg{y} Nice Work