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Details for Super Mario Bros. Peach's Adventure
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File Name: Super Mario Bros. Peach's Adventure
Version History: View
Authors: BWGLite
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 61 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: After a long, hard fall, Princess Peach finds herself knocked unconscious, far away from her castle. Toad finds Peach near his house, and takes her in to allow her to recover. Upon waking up, Peach thanks Toad, and starts heading back to her castle, only to find that King Koopa has taken it over! Worried, Peach runs to Mario's house, to find that Koopa has taken Mario as well! Peach, not willing to let this stand, sets out to rescue Mario, get her castle back, and stop Koopa once and for all!

Super Mario Bros. Peach's Adventure is a full scale adventure, with 8 main Worlds, a special 9th World, and tons of secrets and post-game content! Almost every level has 5 Star Coins to collect, as well!

The game also has lots of character cameos, cutscenes, and specially themed stages!

The game can be saved at any time, and there are no lives, so no game overs and losing progress! Coins are instead used to purchase items in shops on the map!

Also included in the ZIP is a quick start guide, SNES and SFC style Box Art, and a full, classic style Instruction Manual in the style of Super Mario World's US Manual!

This has been over two years in the making, I hope you enjoy! :)

---v1.1 Patch Notes---
The game is pretty much identical to 1.0, barring these few changes,
-Tweaked Special-2 (removed a possible softlock, made the first super leaf easier to find, made teleports more lenient, added indicators to help find breakable blocks)
-Fixed a broken teleport (and therefore softlock) in Special-2
-Fixed a typo in 8-3
-Removed confusing castle tiles in Special-Crown
-Added a guide for using the Coin Snake in 6-A
-Added missing teleport blocks in the bonus room of 6-A, also allowed the pipe to be used to exit the area
-Tweaked 6-F, removing a few background tiles and adding a powerup block
-Replaced the "Down" and "Y + Right" coin indicators in 5-2 and 7-2 with more readable text indicators
-Added a couple more throw blocks to 6-F's boss room
-Goal Spheres can no longer be picked up by boomerangs
Tags: asm, exgfx, music, non-mario, powers, traditional
Rating: 4.8 (Votes: 19)
Download: Download - 9.75 MiB
Someone manage to unlock 100% of the game ? I'm stuck at 99%
Posted by: pifpaf - | Link
Your Peach sprite is adorable!! And a little bit fan-servicey. But hey, that's okay too.

Honestly though I'm having a really good time playing this hack. It's a fun, refreshing experience.

I do find the idea of money to be kinda pointless with how many power-ups you can obtain in levels. I think if you commit to a sequel (please do commit to a sequel) then maybe look into other ways you could use coins? Or maybe keep a limit on how many power-ups go into a level, really give the player incentive to farm coins y'know?

Aside from that, this game is a blast and I look forward to completing it.


Edit: Okayyy, this was amazing!! I never expected to enjoy this as much as I did. I never even felt compelled to go for 100% but something told me I'd regret not doing it. So much extra content that just cements this as a fans love letter to the Super Mario franchise.

I sincerely applaud the work you've put into this masterpiece, and eagerly anticipate what you might bring to the table next.
Posted by: OfPixxiesAndRoses - | Link
Really dislike the obese peach and the massive amount of text/ cutscenes.
Posted by: Tallcat - | Link
This is my favorite hack by far. Love it so much! really hoping for a part 2 perhaps!! :) thank you BWGLite
Posted by: BoomBeatle3 - | Link
Posted by: AppleBoy54321 - | Link
Pokemon Hacker
You gave Peach a dump truck for absolutely no reason, my faith in humanity has been restored
Posted by:  Pokemon Hacker - | Link
So iv played what I felt like a 100+ different hacks of SMW at this point and I got to say this little gem right here is absolutely the best one Iv played. WHEN IS THE SEQUAL?!
Posted by: Atokad2887 - | Link
This hack is amazing. One of the best ever made.
Posted by: Juamnitro - | Link
Dis Is Amazing, like, this is one of my favorite hacks/mods out there. Keep it up.#smrpg{y}
Posted by: Sonicmariobendy2 - | Link
This hack has some amazing design in both he levels and the graphics, AND the graphics that were made for those levels are just perfection... There's just so much stuff you only see once! But my favorite design has to be Peach's; she actually looks like a Mario character!

It really feels like a Nintendo game from an alternate universe... and your Minecraft texture pack does too!
Posted by: PonkHonker - | Link
This hack was truly a work of art. I can tell a lot of was put into making this. No level felt boring or repetitive, the story and dialogue greatly helped to compliment the gameplay. Easily a five star rating which I'd highly recommend to others.
Posted by: highlandskid - | Link
The best hack rom i've played, thanks ^^
Posted by: AndreMoon - | Link
miss communication
This might be my favorite Mario hack I've ever played. The graphics were really cute, I love the NES style, and the music was super funky! The only part I didn't like was the Minecraft level, as I felt it dragged on, but other than that, this game was great. I Highly recommend. The artwork is also adorable, when it shows scenes of dialogue and whatnot.
Posted by: miss communication - | Link
Realy Great Hack its Amazing How Everythink Works well in the Smb 8 bit Style After my 100% Run I can Say Great Amazing Hack with Lots of Extra Content i Hope i Fund Everythink by the Radioactive Hint im not so Sure if you can somehow go in or Not :D
Posted by: lordkronos100 - | Link
This hack is amazing. I am on the last world and I love it. The hidden sonic levels the sprites the undertale music. It is all great!
Posted by: rocksteadyDRIP - | Link
Haven't got through all extra content yet (I'm surprised how much there is!) but I must say it was really good! I've been very worn out of traditional hacks for some time, and your hack really caught my interest!
The art direction was well done, level are all fun and I can really see the effort put into things like the manual and cutscenes.
Except for some specific details and minor mistakes/glitches, the only major criticism I have is with the money: shops are always a cool addition, but I get so much coins (I got over 9000 thousand), and the levels give too many powerups that I barely used the shop.
But whatever, I really recommend play this one! 5/5#lm{owexstar}
Posted by: MORC - | Link
Such a wonderful game. I totally freaked out when I found the "Shop". 10/10⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Posted by: ChronicBongitis - | Link
First of all, hi, great ROM hack, loved the part where
Donkey Kong and Peach were having fun at the talent show
! I plan on finishing the game soon!
Anyways, remember me? I was the guy who made the Minecraft texture pack addon to one of your Mario resource packs. I wanted to ask if you have some sprite sheet for the graphics you used in this hack so I can try to implement them in the addon because seeing this hack finished inspired me to get back on the addon. I have been taking screenshots so I can put some of the blocks and items in Minecraft, but I don't think I can do all of them, and it takes a while to edit like that.
Also, just for fun, do you have the music files you used in the game? I wanted to convert them to MIDI files so I can remaster them in GarageBand and maybe try to make a Minecraft mod with the music to promote your hack, but also because I like the hack, and I thought, why not? But I mainly need the sprite sheet or a way to export the graphics into one myself. I would appreciate the help, and I'll try my best to stay in touch. I'm going to ask on Planet Minecraft too, just in case. I hope you can get back to me, and keep up the great work. Hope to see more of your stuff in the future!
Posted by: KirbyKid256 - | Link
Retro Master HD
Originally posted by runnyspark
Really wanted to play this hack, but it doesn't work on my SNES Classic. Hoping for a new version that does work on Classic, because I saw gameplay on Twitch and it looked like a very good game.

Do you have a Nintendo Wii because if you do it will definitely work really well on there because I have the Hack on my Nintendo Wii and it works perfectly. I have an emulator on my Nintendo Wii called SNES9X GX. #tb{:]}#ab{:)}. Hope this helps. #ab{:)}#tb{:]}.
Posted by: Retro Master HD - | Link
Really wanted to play this hack, but it doesn't work on my SNES Classic. Hoping for a new version that does work on Classic, because I saw gameplay on Twitch and it looked like a very good game.
Posted by: runnyspark - | Link
Alex No
This game looks so good!! Im gonna check this game out, i Watch it on YouTube. And i definitely gonna play this!! I wish i could go to the store an buy this game, i'ts well made, cuz i want to stick it into my SNES and play it. I think this is awesome with instruction manual and box arts. Wow you get 10 of 10 in Rating for just this little extra. And the game looks fantastic! Thank you for making this, the SMW community need people like you! Keep on the good work.

The only thing that you should do is to create all songs in 8-bit versions, it will fit much better! Since the whole game is based on NES graphics, if you update this game with 8-bit music it will be the best hack on SMW Central
Posted by: Alex No - | Link
sem dúvida alguma, a melhor hack de smwque já joguei em toodos esses anos. <3
Posted by: felipenxs23 - | Link
Retro Master HD
I can definitely say that this is by far the best SMW Rom Hack I have ever played though I don’t get why Peach is fat for some reason but she’s still a good looking character regardless. Really enjoyed playing the whole Rom Hack. Definitely rating this Hack five stars and a straight up 10/10. P.S what exactly is the name of the Virtual Boy theme tune by the way because I really like it and the colour of the background, really like that it’s all red especially because I have red lights all around my room. Best SMW Rom Hack ever. #tb{:]}#ab{:)}#smw{:TUP:}.
Posted by: Retro Master HD - | Link
This is my favorite SMW ROM hack I've played so far. Level design feels very authentic, and best of all here is the art style. This really feels like a basis for a "Mario Mania" if Nintendo were to ever make one. All you need to do is add Mario, Luigi, and Toad as playable characters and you have this very interesting blitz of things from the first four Mario games. 10/10
Posted by: becca - | Link
Superein 123
How to play
Posted by: Superein 123 - | Link
all i have to say is: she a thicc Peach
ps: really cool rom hack
Posted by: abuabuabu123 - | Link
Awesome... I have so much fun. Great Story Idea and Design.

Have someone Probs with on Raspberry Pi 3b with Recalbox?
It does work on my system.
Pc-Emulation makes no probs. and runs great.

the manual is awesome.

thx to you

6 of 5 Stars
Posted by: Querlaut - | Link
This hack is an instant classic. 5/5
Posted by: thekiller678 - | Link
This hack is adorable, charming, solid all the way through, and just a treat to play through. There's so much content in this as well, including bonus content, that you can really see how well this labor of love was treated. A real great time for those looking for a casual, fun hack to play through :)
Posted by: MarcyAugust - | Link
Because previous post is deleted, i repost :

Best hack of the world (of Mario), an oniric travel in the wide Mario universe. The only default : too short. Need more Peach dope.
Posted by: pifpaf - | Link
7 up
One word: DeviantArt.
Posted by: 7 up - | Link
Nara Sherko
Great job!
Posted by: Nara Sherko - | Link

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