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Super Mario Balloon World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario Balloon World

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario Balloon World
Author: Blue Leaf
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 79 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Inspired by Super Mario Odyssey: Balloon World, this hack takes the original levels and turns them into small puzzles and/or speedrun challenges. Every level has a hidden balloon, and you only have a short amount of time to find it! Luckily, coins will increase your time limit, and you're guided by a handy distance meter towards the balloon.
Tags: exploration puzzle traditional vanilla variety
Comments: 17 (jump to comments)
4.6 (11 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (17)

lolyoshi Link
This hack was delightful. I really enjoyed revisiting the original game figuring out how to collect the balloons, to which many puzzled me for a while. Highly recommend.
jc_ Link
I played though the whole hack.

Dude, I need more of this.

This is such a neat concept of a hack, and I absolutely loved it. There were so many great spots for balloons, and it always felt satisfying to get one, especially at the last second. Some of my favorites were Donut Ghost House, Vanilla Secret 1 (which took me a while), both Butter Bridges, Forest Secret Area, Chocolate Island 2, Valley of Bowser 3, and Way Cool, to name a few.

If this hack were to be updated or built upon, something I'd want to see would be multiple balloon locations in levels (selectable from the overworld or something) or for balloons to be placed in levels of other popular hacks like 12 Magic Orbs or JUMP or something. I just need more of this because this is great
will___ Link
Great hack. Very fun, unique, and challenging way to revisit the original game. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes routing speed paths or trying to 'break' standard levels.

A couple things I would like to mention though:
1) There is quite a bit of lag in places the original game never lagged due to the additional sprites on screen (the distance meter and balloon).
2) Speed oscillation is not patched. I get that not having QoL patches is part of the fun of a hack like this. But a lot of the levels involve getting P speed, and it's kinda annoying to come up with a strat that only works part of the time due to speed oscillation.

Anyway still a great hack, had a ton of fun with it.
MildWongrel Link
I've now passed the game a second time, without using save states. I can say with authority that the hardest levels in the game are:

2. Butter Bridge 2 (Passed without save states, but my least favourite.)
1. Bowser's Castle (Refuse to try without save states.)

Lots of levels that seem impossible are easy, sometimes trivially easy, when you know the relevant bug or trick. Great hack, loved it.
MildWongrel Link
Very hard, but very good. Smart and creative.

I've passed all the levels except for Valley Fortress. (For some reason the gate let me through to the extra levels without it.) Can someone explain how to do this one?

I've tried shifting left but still keep getting eaten by the last post.
kaitri Link
im surprised this hack got accepted i remember there being a rule along the lines of "rejected if the hack is too similar to the original smw" but im glad it got accepted.

im not sure if its my kaizo brain, but i feel like this hack shouldnt be rated "normal". it should be very hard. i finished a majority of levels with 1 left on the timer, sometimes requiring extremely precise stuff.

besides that, this was a really cool hack. i can only recommend this (but id also recommend savestates for certain levels.
roys castle i cant imagine doing without savestates, its SOOO precise. no room to mess up whatsoever.

but as i said, overall a really enjoyable hack.

simple concept but def a 5* for me.
Kimota Link
Awesome hack, a lot of fun for seasoned SMW players. The hack is done a disservice by the rating of "Normal", which is not only inaccurate (glitches, tech, and fast precise movement are required) but also repels the audience that would actually enjoy the game. The only reason I checked it out is because I recognized the creator's name from JUMP. A better difficulty rating would be "Very Hard" imo.
NatsuFireball Link
A very fun way of replaying the original game =]

The challenge here is quite hard (I would probably have put difficulty to "hard"), as a lot of balloons require a near-perfect timing and an advanced SMW knowledge (some balloons require the use of glitches or advanced stuff only seen in speedgaming).

I was able to find all 79 balloons, although I went through the same glitch as Metballs and couldn't get further with my copy of the game, I had to use your save file to 100% finish it. For information, I played on this build on SNES9X : snes9x-1.57-win32-x64

It's just a bit sad that the last exit doesn't save (you cannot see the star next to the level name when completed, and your counter of cleared exits stays at 78)

9/10 (5 stars) Thank you for this refreshing experience =]
Blue Leaf Author Link
Originally posted by Metballs
Pretty great hack, but I found a huge issue. This path right here completely broke and I wasn't able to progress any further. Not entirely sure what happened.

I can't replicate it on my end. My best guess is that it's an issue with some specific emulator setup. As a workaround you can download the savefile to play the remaining levels.
Erik_The_Swift Link
I thought we weren't allowed to reupload vanilla levels?
Metballs Link
Pretty great hack, but I found a huge issue. This path right here completely broke and I wasn't able to progress any further. Not entirely sure what happened.
MiracleWater Link
Really fun and creative spin on the vanilla levels.
Got all 68 balloons--Vanilla Dome 1 and Valley Fortress were my favorites.
GlitchyR-01 Link
This is great like a hack inspired of Luigi's Balloon challenge
5 stars
GbreezeSunset Link
Absolutely excellent hack. The amount of sheer creativity is off the charts for what would appear (at surface level) to be a rather simple edit to the game. Highly recommend this, was an absolute blast to play. Easy 5/5
paidoseunenem Link
ageVerrly Link
Must play! The more familiar you are with the vanilla game the more fun this will probably be for you.
Enan63 Link
So far, I am already loving this! #smw{:TUP:}